WoW MDI Season 2 Finals – Expectations, Predictions and Odds

The WoW Mythic Dungeon International, or WOW MDI 2021 in short, is entering the final stage this upcoming weekend. After an intense MDI Season 2 group stage, we now have our top eight dungeon dwellers competing in the Playoffs, leading up to the finals.

Complexity and Echo, the biggest names in WoW right now both got the short straw and will face into the opening round. Aster.Y might have an easy path to the semifinals. The odds for some matches are out of whack entirely. Here’s our full bracket breakdown and opening round predictions.

WoW MDI Season 2 Finals

WoW MDI Season 2 Global Finals Match-ups

Before we get into the matches, lets see how we got here and where each team landed.

Perplexed and Complexity topped their groups in dominating fashion and were the favorites leading into the event. Incarnation had a lucky break in their group as Echo fumbled their leads. Team Name and Obey Alliance ended up with the luckiest draw they could wish for bracket wise.

Finally, Ambition was the best team at the Last Chance Qualifier, completing their overall run in 1:46:30. However, a huge shoutout goes to Aster.A and Omega Pump, who came in close at only +1:19 and +2:07 later. Aster.A for one, broke records in more maps but overextended in other maps.

The Global Finals Bracket looks like this. The top part the bracket is packed full of favorites, while the bottom four are counting their lucky stars for the easier path deep into the tournament. Several bangers will start off the event and there is plenty to talk about.

MDI Season 2 Bracket

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Ambition vs Perplexed

All said and done, Ambition is going into the WOW MDI 2021, however not as an underdog. After all, Ambition has had some impressive record timings, notably in Halls of Atonement and The Necrotic Wake. Fans are calling it their cleanest run yet, as they wiped the last boss with zero deaths!

However, considering their upcoming opponent is Perplexed, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. Earlier this year, Perplexed has shown overwhelming dominance at MDI Season 2 Group A, winning every single series. It is a true David vs Golliath fight in the Finals opener.

compLexity vs Echo

And so the rivalry between the two continues. For one, Echo has gone through a lot, having survived to make it past the MDI Group C finals. Unlike Ambition going up against a heavy favorite like Perplexed, Echo and compLexity are both even matches. And the fact that Echo was the former MDI S1 champion, means that they have defending champions title on the line.

There is more at stake then just MDI titles here. These two are rivals in RTWF competitions and there is plenty love lost between them. Having them battle into the bracket opener is both great and horrible.

Incarnation vs Team Name

It’s tough being in Team Name’s position being the less favored team versus Incarnation. Team Name’s most notable achievement was forcing a three-game final versus Perplexed. Incarnation won the MDI Group C only due to Echo fumbling their math, so we cannot really scope which team will perform better on in this match-up.

Both teams have clear ups and downs and some volatile strats that may end up costing them.

Aster.Y vs Obey Alliance

Lastly, Aster.Y is the Chinese representative at the MDI S2. Not much was known about either Aster.Y or Aster.A, yet considering both teams had insane performances in their groups, we might have a dark horse run in the making. It will be shortsighted for Obey Alliance to underestimate the Chinese powerhouse, and we will likely know how the east and west match up after this series.

WoW MDI Season 2 Finals Prediction

While Ambition’s last chance run was phenomenal, the power gap might be too high to topple Perplexed after all. We can expect Perplexed to make it into the quarterfinals. Echo and Complexity should have a close series, but we have to favor Echo in this one. Either way, the winning team could potentially give Perplexed a run for their money.

Either one will have to fall into the elimination bracket, which isn’t the end of the road anyhow. Instead, we just might see the two favorites bump into one another again in the grand finals. Of course, all these are based on the assumption the other six candidates do not pose any challenge. However, we can expect Team Name and Aster.Y to make a decent run as well.

Our opening match predictions look like this:

Perplexed vs AmbitionPerplexed to win@ 1.28
compLexity vs EchoEcho to win @ 1.88
Incarnation vs Team NameIncarnation to win@ 1.29
Aster.Y vs Obey AllianceAster.Y to win@ 1.70
TOTAL ODDS 5,27 (+427)

As the WoW MDI Season 2 Global Finals kicks off this October 30, there are fourteen series in total to catch. And what better occasion to splurge some esports betting while enjoying the thrilling fast-paced WoW action.

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