WoW Patch 9.2 – The coverage for RWF and MDI begins now!

While the flow of time in Shadowlands is certainly different, one would not expect that to reflect real life and make each patch last for way longer than it should. It was quite a long wait, but 9.2 has finally arrived, which means that it is time for new and exciting things to happen in World of Warcraft.

Brace for a new Mythic Race to World First, a shake up in all the classes and Mythic Dungoneering to rise to a whole new level.

WoW Patch 9.2

The Sepulcher of the First Ones raid to bring guilds back on track

There is a lot of new content in the latest patch, and while we are going to cover the most important ones, later on, the first thing is first, and that is the raid. Whether you are a fan of competitive WoW or if you want to see the conclusion to the Shadowlands story, The Sepulcher of the First Ones is going to deliver on both fronts.

While the patch is coming out on February 22nd, the raid will not be open until the next week, which is the usual practice from Blizzard. After a week, Normal and Heroic difficulties will open, but with a twist. Usually, players would be able to clear out Normal and Heroic completely, but because of the way the story is told in the game, the last three bosses will not be available because the story is told in the game.

This is quite an exciting change, as it will limit the number of loot players will receive before they enter week 3, when the raid will unlock final encounters on Normal, Heroic, and the complete Mythic difficulty as well. It is important to note that the LFR wing one is also going to unlock in the third week, and while this usually wouldn’t play a role in the race to world first at all, this time it might, just because of the return of class tier sets.

What is new for Mythic+?

We are all excited to see the race to world 1st Jailor kill, but Mythic+ is the content that just cannot be ignored. Because the second week of the patch will limit players with the loot they receive from the raid, which is even more critical considering the last boss gives the highest item level and the best items, Mythic+ is going to be a considerable source of gear.

Of course, if you do not care about the World 1st race, but instead you are more hyped about the MDI that is going to occur in the future, then you should be very excited as the new affix “Encrypted” seems it is going to make the MDI very interesting.

The way the affix works is very similar to the “Tormented” one, where there are going to be mini-bosses whose location will change biweekly. Depending on the boss that is killed, players will gain bonus effects:

  • By killing the Vy Interceptor first, the whole party will gain Decrypted Vy Cypher, increasing Haste by 15%, in addition to having an orb of energy that has a chance to proc damage on hit for 45 seconds.
  • By killing Urh Dismantler first, the whole party will gain Decrypted Urh Cypher, giving you 200% cooldown reduction and restoring 10% of your maximum health and mana every second for 10 seconds.
  • By killing kill Wo Drifter first, the whole party will gain Decrypted Wo Cypher, increasing movement speed by 150%, gaining 15% damage reduction, and giving stealth out of combat for 60 seconds.
  • On top of that, each relic has unique bonuses. The Wo Relic has an active aura of 15% damage reduction against non-boss enemies. The Vy Relic has an active aura of 15% haste towards non-boss enemies. The Urh Relic will cast “energy barrage” onto the party until defeated.

With this new affix, there is going to be interesting planning when it comes to the MDI. In the past, players have definitely been known to develop some crazy strategies that were extremely hard to pull off but amazing to watch, especially when they rise triumphant.

Other interesting changes

Of course, this being the last patch of the expansion, it would be very lackluster if there was nothing new but a new raid and an affix for Mythic+ (it would not be a surprise if it did, considering how the expansion went…).

For starters, all classes are getting some kind of changes, and while we would love to cover them all, the best thing to do is to just check out the patch notes yourselves for this one, as there are a lot of nerfs, buffs, and bug fixes.

The next big thing that we cannot avoid mentioning is the new zone called Zereth Mortis. This is the zone where the final raid of the expansion lies, and it is the place where you will be able to meet those who have created everything that exists in Shadowlands. Because the language of the first ones is strange and hard to understand, players will have to learn this musical language by doing tasks in the zone. This is an interesting feature from the lore standpoint, and it is a creative way to lock some things out instead of the classic “not enough rep, kill more of X please” method. However, the system does have some similarities to previous mechanics, and the best comparison is spare parts in Mechagon.

Double legendaries are also finally here, which was an expected feature since it was available in the past. Of course, in order to unlock the account-wide double legendary feature, you will have to players have to progress through the story of Zereth Mortis.

PvP is kind of falling short this patch in terms of highlights, but that is usually how it is. That is because other changes of the patch shape the PvP meta, especially the balance changes, that we are sure most of you will enjoy as you see certain classes nerfed, while some might not be the biggest fans when it comes to PvP.

Is it a great time to return to WoW?

Pretty much like every expansion, Blizzard managed to fix most of the things that were wrong with it in the 9.0 and 9.1 patches, so you should definitely check out the patch. If not for the fixed game mechanics, then at least for the raid which is going to feature the strongest of villains so far and the so-so lore that stands behind it, which will probably spark some kind of emotion during your playthrough.