Race to World First: Race stuck at Halondrus / Progress Update

It has not been too long since the final raid tier of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Sepulcher of the First Ones, has been opened on Mythic difficulty. We can already see some exciting things happening, with the race taking longer then “usual”, and guilds really struggling to progress quickly through the content.

Currently the race has been stuck for over three days on the 7th boss (Halondrus), as guilds struggle to optimize and crack the final phase of the boss.

Race to World First

All about the tier sets

As all of you know, in the first week of the raid, players were not able to beat all of the bosses in the raid, as the last three bosses were locked out due to lore(which has disappointed a lot of people, but that is a story for a different occasion). Because of that, there has been a limited amount of gear, and not just any gear, but most importantly, tier pieces.

Having the chance to do the heroic and normal difficulty only once instead of twice has limited most top guilds to miss out on that spicy 4-tier set bonus that some classes desperately need, and that is because the ninth and tenth bosses are the ones who drop the Shoulder and Chest tokens. Not only that they are tier pieces that players missed out on, but their item level is also higher as the last three bosses of the tier have been dropping higher item level items.

Because of this, the tops guilds have organized all kinds of runs where other players can trade them tier sets for a hefty amount of gold, and since they decided to do heroic runs before starting out the mythic difficulty, there have been some surprises in the world first kills rankings.

Vigilant Guardinan – first mythic kill went to The Early Shift!

It is always exciting when a new guild enters the hall of fame when it comes to World First, and the Early Shift managed to do just that by being the first ones to snatch the kill on the Vigilant Guardian. It took them quite a few tries to do it, but after 56 pulls, they managed to do just that. Unfortunately, this is where The Early Shift’s streak kind of stopped, as up to this point this is their only kill on mythic difficulty.

Skolex, Artificer Xy’Mox and Dausegne didn’t take long

The first boss has been downed by over 120 guilds so far, while the second boss has been a bit of a roadblock for more than half who are doing progression in the newest raid. The first ones to down this boss was Liquid, followed by BDGG, and then finally Echo. It is no surprise that these are the guilds who managed to land into the first three kills, and spoiler alert, the pattern will continue in future kills.

As soon as we reach the third boss, the number of guilds progressing starts going down rapidly. The first one to kill it, to no one’s surprise, was Liquid, followed by Echo, and then finally Method decided to jump back into the top three. Since the bosses do not have to be done in order at this point, Dausegne has been defeated more by more guilds than Artificer Xy’Mox, and at the moment, 10 guilds have triumphed over this encounter. Liquid was once again the first one to snatch the kill, followed by Echo and the third guild this time was Project.

Prototype Pantheon

This is where the raid really begins to show its teeth, as Prototype Pantheon has been demolishing guilds left and right. It is quite a chaotic fight, and so far, only 18 guilds managed to defeat the boss. There has even been plenty of VODs to review for guilds and adapt their strategy, yet still he is proving to be quite a challenge for most guilds.


Only 11 guilds so far have defeated this boss. It’s quite impressive considering that Blizzard already decided to put some nerfs on the boss, making his Degeneration Automa’s Degenerate now have a maximum range of 30 yards. Yet, this race is generally moving way slower the usual and kudos to the devs for making a challenging raid.

Halondrus is a real challenge

While Liquid was trying to push for another kill, Blizzard noticed that the encounter is not really working as intended and that the strategy Liquid was applying was not how the fight was about to play out. Because of that, they have been asked to stop their progress, and thus Liquid decided to do some Mythic+. After the boss was patched, plenty of tries have happened but Halondrus is yet to fall.

At the time of writing, Halondrus best pull was 5.58% by Liquid after 346 pulls. Echo and SK Pieces are trailing behind marginally.

Out of six bosses downed thus far, Liquid has claimed first kill on five of the six. Lovely achievement, but the RWF only cares about who kills the final boss first.

The Jailer finally defeated on Heroic difficulty

While a lot of people are focusing on defeating as many bosses as possible on the mythic difficulty, it was very interesting to see that no guild managed to defeat The Jailer on heroic. This is probably because he does not drop any loot that is worth the time investment. There were a couple of pulls from some guilds, but they did not last long as most guilds focused on Mythic.

Eventually, the Chinese guild Alpha (阿尔法) earned the first Heroic Jailer almost a full day into the race.

There are currently non-stop pulls by over 40 guilds on various bosses, and most of the race is broadcast by the guilds themselves on Twitch, while Raider.io does a damn fine job of covering it all.