WoW Trading Post – Everything You Need to Know

It seems Blizzard has been doing quite a good job when it comes to the new WoW expansion, Dragonflight. Not only are the players thrilled about the content available in the game, but also by the balance changes and the new additions between new raids. The addition that everyone is thrilled about is the Trading Post, a somewhat “free battlepass” system that lets you unlock all kinds of goodies.


@ Blizzard

What can you unlock with the Trading Post?

Those who have already reached max level in Dragonflight and have been doing some WoW Mythic raiding in the past few weeks are probably running out of things to do. While there are always things to grind for in order to make your character more powerful, most players will agree that power is temporary but that cool looks are forever, and the Trading Post can provide you with exactly that.

Here, you will be able to find all of the items that you can spend your Trader’s Tender (the currency used for this new feature) on:

  • Celestial Steed (Mount from the mount store) – 900 Trader’s Tender
  • Fury of the Firelord (One-hand mace transmog) – 750 Trader’s Tender
  • Garrlok (Battle Pet) – 750
  • Ensemble: Swashbuckling Buccaneer’s Slops (Armor set transmog) – 650 Trader’s Tender
  • Shattered Voidspire (Two-Hand Staff transmog) – 500 Trader’s Tender
  • Operative’s Bandolier (Back transmog) – 250 Trader’s Tender
  • Infiltrator’s Bandolier (Back transmog) – 250 Trader’s Tender
  • Shard of Frozen Secrets (One-Hand Dagger transmog) – 200 Trader’s Tender
  • Azure Scalesworn Longbow (Ranged Bow transmog) – 200 Trader’s Tender
  • Rosy Corsage (Wrist transmog) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Vagabond’s Rosy Threads (Armor set transmog) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Squire’s Warhammer (Two-Hand Mace transmog) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Ensemble: Wanderer’s Rosy Trappings (Armor set transmog) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Fetid Bouquet (Off-hand transmog) – 100 Trader’s Tender
  • Iridescent Warcloak (Back transmog) – 75 Trader’s Tender

How to earn Trader’s Tender?

For starters, there is a one-time bonus of 500 Trader’s Tender for everyone who purchases Dragonflight (if you have already purchased the expansion, you will also receive this). Other than that, at the start of each month, if you have an active subscription, you will receive 500 Trader’s Tender in a chest called “Collector’s Cache”. If you did not have an active sub at the start of the month, you would get it on the first day of the next one (if you have an active sub by then).


@ Blizzard

Last but definitely not least, an exciting way of earning Trader’s Tender is by completing various in-game activities. These are different every month, and by completing them, you will get an opportunity to get another 500 Trader’s Tender. With this included, you can get up to 1000 Trader’s Tender per month.

Earn special rewards each month

While many are still skeptical that this new feature is going to bring WoW back to the top of the best MMORPG games chart in 2023, it definitely has the potential to do so. Since the rewards are going to be coming and going every month, besides the ones that you can unlock within the Trading Post by filling up the monthly bar for the Trading Post activities (the ones that you would normally do to get your hands on additional 500 Trader’s Tender), you will also get a special reward.

In February of 2023, the reward is going to be Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn. This is an incredibly amazing-looking mount that changes its colors based on the time of the day. Considering that the night version of the mount looks similar to the famous Swift Spectral Tiger, we are sure that many will find this mount to be one of their favorites.