How to Obtain T3 Sets in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Transmog is the name of the game in current day World of Warcraft. If you wish to stand out from the rest of the crowd, you need to obtain some of the rarest transmog sets in the game. For the longest time, the rarest WoW transmog you could get your hands on was the original T3 set from vanilla Naxxramas. The T3 set was removed with the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Naxxramas version, and so all these unique items were lost to time and could only be found rarely on the Black Market auction house for ridiculous prices.

Thankfully, with the recent 10.1.5 Fractures in Time patch, the doors to the old Naxxramas in Eastern Plaguelands have been opened once again. Players can now obtain all the unique WoW T3 sets via crafting. If you wish to know how to craft these sets, follow us as we explore all the secrets of the old Naxxramas.


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How to Enter Naxxramas

In order to enter Naxxramas, you must first finish a quick quest chain involving Scholomance and Stratholme, the two undead-infested dungeons.

Entering Old Scholomance

To unlock the old Scholomance, you will have to finish a series of tasks:

  • Complete the Heroic version of MoP Scholomance until you encounter Doctor Theolen Krastinov and obtain his toy “Krastinov’s Bag of Horrors.” If you already have this toy or have a friend who can bring theirs, then skip this step.
  • Enter the normal version of Scholomance, kill the last boss, and look for the top center room where the old Doctor Theolen Krastinov’s boss encounter was in vanilla. Find a small pile of bones and use the toy you received earlier.
  • Speak to the ghost of Eva Sarkoff and receive an item called “Inert Spectral Essence.” Also, make sure to pick up Eva’s Femur at the same location, you’ll need it later.
  • Go outside, talk to Eva in front of the dungeon and accept her quest. This will require you to locate some items around Eastern Plaguelands and in front of the dungeon. Before collecting these, make sure to use the Inert Spectral Essence and fuse it with 3 Dark Rune and 5 Essence of Undeath. This will allow you to see ghosts around this area.

Once you collect all the items, including Eva’s Journal from a bookshelf in Scholomance, you can complete a ritual that unlocks the Old Scholomance. This will grant you an achievement called “Memory of Scholomance.”

Visiting Stratholme

With the old Scholomance unlocked, you must run the old Scholomance until you reach the old Rattlegore’s room. There you will find an item called “Cracked Argent Dawn Commission.” Repair the item with a Righteous Orb and 4 Truesilver bars, then equip it and kill Darkmaster Gandling. He will drop a “Darkmaster’s Scourgestone,” which will trigger a quest chain to unlock Naxxramas. This will involve visiting Stratholme and completing a quick task inside the dungeon.

Once you complete all the prerequisites for Naxxramas, you will finally unlock the quest called “The Dread Citadel – Naxxramas.” Completing this quest will unlock the old Naxxramas, after which you can enter this amazing WoW raid and begin working on crafting your own T3 set.

Now that you’re attuned to Naxxramas, you can pick up the quest called “Echoes of War,” which will require you to go through the raid and kill certain monsters. Once the quest is done, you will unlock the ability to craft Naxxramas items.


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Crafting T3 Sets from Naxxramas

The quests are done, the raid unlocked, and now all that’s left is to craft all the juicy T3 gear. But wait, it’s not so easy. Crafting T3 sets will require some time, effort and a fair bit of gold. If you’ve been using our WoW gold farming guide, you’ve already stashed away some gold. Now we just have to farm all the necessary materials for T3 crafting.

There are several components required to craft an individual piece of T3 gear:

  • Desecrated tokens
  • Wartorn scraps
  • Profession materials

The desecrated tokens drop from different bosses in Naxxramas. These are bound on pick up and can’t be traded between players. Wartorn scraps are dropped by trash mobs throughout Naxxramas. The final ingredient are various old profession materials such as Righteous Orbs, Arcanite Bars, Nexus Crystals etc.

Each T3 set has 8 pieces, and each individual piece requires a specific amount of materials. So, as you can see, it will take some time to craft a full set for one class. Not to mention multiple classes on your account, or even multiple accounts. But at least it gives players a long-term goal to work towards.

Walk Around in the Coolest Outfit

Now that you know how to craft your T3 sets, all that’s left to do is to start farming Naxxramas, preferably with multiple characters to speed things up. It will take a while before you can complete a full set, but it will all be worth it in the end.

If you’re interested in other WoW topics, make sure to check out our WoW news section where we have various other guides for you to explore.

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