WoW Race To World First – What Is It, Tier List, And History

There are many competitive events when it comes to World of Warcraft, but one of the most popular and beloved ones is the Race To World First. While this event is not sponsored by Blizzard, the event is still huge thanks to all the other sponsors that orgs and guilds manage to receive from third parties. There are various sponsors involved, such as PC hardware companies, streaming platforms, software makers, and of course, betting sites.

What Is WoW Race To World First?

As the name suggests, the event is a race where guilds from all over the world compete to defeat the boss of the latest raid tier before anyone else. Because the whole goal of the event is to defeat the last boss of the newest raid on the hardest difficulty, it is an event that is only available every few months when a new raid tier is released, and it usually lasts for a week or two, depending on the encounters that the raid brings to the table.


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Since World of Warcraft has been around for quite a long time, with each new raid release, the developers aim to increase the difficulty of the raid bosses that players have to face, along with new unique mechanics that were never seen before. While watching Race To World First in the early WoW expansions was exciting, today, things are even more fun to watch as new raids tend to be incredibly difficult, even for the best players in the world.

It is fun to see guilds gather up their best players and give their best to progress through the raid as fast as possible, as the difficulty of certain raids is so high today that many players will struggle even with the Heroic difficulty and will not even see Mythic – the difficulty which guilds involved in the Race to World First will manage to clear within two weeks.

Even if RTWF involves killing the last boss on the hardest difficulty, every boss is up for grabs when it comes to WoW ranks. While many players do not have the time and the skill to grind out the whole raid in the first two weeks, there are many guilds that will attempt to grab the chance to kill the first few bosses before anyone else and mark their name in the history of WoW.

What Is The Reward For Race To World First?

Considering that Race To World First is one of the most popular events in the game and that you can see hundreds of people streaming and casting for two weeks straight, the prize might not be what you are expecting. Officially, there is no prize pool, and the biggest prize that it has is the pure prestige of being the first guild in the world to achieve what most players think is impossible. Of course, since hosting the event can cost thousands of dollars, guilds that do better in the event will be sought out by more sponsors in the future, and they will also grab a bigger spotlight on the streaming platforms, so there is a bit more than prestige as a “prize.”

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WoW Race Tier List

It can be quite difficult to determine what Guild is the best when it comes to Race To World First, but after deep analysis of the guild’s previous achievements, we concluded that this would be the best WoW race tier list when it comes to rankings.

Guild RankGuildVault of the IncarnatesSepulcher of the First OnesSanctum of DominationCastle Nathria
6Chao Jie681910
8Instant Dollars8122159

WoW Race To World First Dragonflight

You might have noticed that Dragonflight had quite an impact on the tier list above, and that is because it was a very challenging raid, and not only that, but it was a raid tier in the first expansion that was portrayed in a positive light since Legion. Of course, that is, unfortunately, not the only factor we considered for the tier list, as there have been a few guilds that have been around for years but were not around for Dragonflight, like SK Pieces.

Because many guilds disbanded at the end of Shadowlands, Dragonflight was the perfect time to introduce some new contenders in the Race To World First, which makes it even more exciting. While Vault of the Incarnates is already done, on May 9th, the gates of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, are going to open, and we are going to have another WoW Race To World First Dragonflight on our hands.


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WoW Race To World First History

World of Warcraft has been around since 2004, and since then, there have been hundreds of bosses that have fallen to different guilds throughout the years. Luckily, one of the best guilds in the world, Method, compiled a fantastic list that covers almost all kills since the beginning of the game, and you can find it at their website.

How Will WeakAuras Changes Impact The Future Of RTWF?

Earlier, we mentioned that the raids have been becoming more and more difficult with each new release. Naturally, that is not a problem only for the players who have to push through the best WoW raids but also for the developers. Players started using tools that help them make encounters more automated, like WeakAuras, and developers are designing raids around such tools (addons).

With the upcoming raid tier, Blizzard will be limiting what WeakAuras and similar tools can provide to the players during the encounters, which is something that a lot of players are conflicted about. Some players like the fact that they will not have to use addons to enjoy and beat the encounters, and other ones complain about how it has been a thing for years and that it should not change. Either way, the new raid tier will be very fun to participate in and even more fun to watch.

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