Xtreme Gaming quickly becoming a powerhouse in DPC China Tour 2

PSG.LGD and RNG aren’t the only cool kids flexing their flawless performance lately. Xtreme Gaming, the Tour 1 Division 2 champions is also a formidable candidate that has yet to lose to anyone this season.

How did a second-rate team suddenly become a dominating force in Chinese Dota 2?

The house of former VG players

Xtreme Gaming is a rising star team done right, and what should have been the case for Elephant last DPC season. Their insane win rate since debuting last Tour is assuring for fans to recognize them as a potential PSG.LGD contender.

The team’s most notable player is Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun, formerly an Elephant player. But the class of prodigies in Xtreme Gaming extends to Ren “old eLeVeN” Yangwei, Xiong “Pyw” Jiahan, and Ding “Dy” Cong. This new super team continues to play their matches unrivaled in DPC CN Tour 2, it will be a sight for eager Dota 2 fans to watch the show.

Xtreme Gaming vs Team Aster

Xtreme Gaming’s clean win rate puts them in the running for the most favorable candidate in Dota 2 betting. Standing at x1.57 odds versus Aster (their next match), means they’ve has made a solid impression even with bookmakers.

Backing up that bold stature, we can expect Xtreme to win this series but probably not a clean one. Hence, considering betting on Correct Map Score of 2:1 in favor of Xtreme at x3.28 returns is a safe bet. Another similar bet is on Total Maps of over 2.5 since we are expecting a complete best-of-three series at x1.98 odds.

We noticed an uncanny resemblance between Xtreme and ViCi Gaming’s signature playstyle in late game-oriented drafts. Of course, Xtreme doesn’t shy away from the opportunity for a mid-game draft either, since the current meta is viable for Templar Assassin or Gyro.

Aster occasionally lacks innovative drafts, they make up for their feisty execution in-game. As such, expect Map Duration to last over 40.5 minutes at x3.46 returns. Alternatively, Xtreme’s midgame drafts can often end the match under 32.5 minutes at x2.94 odds. We could suggest a similar insight on total kills too, whereby late-game drafts would result in under 43.5 kills at x3.54 or midgame causing more bloodshed, Total Kills over 50.5 kills at x1.85 returns.

Xtreme Gaming vs EHOME

Last Tour, EHOME was the talk of the town for becoming the top four candidates and qualifying for the DPC CN Regional Finals. Because EHOME had recently revamped their line-up, it was a breath of fresh air for their fans. Xtreme’s debut into Division 1 has made EHOME’s position as a top contestant shaky.

Dota 2 odds-wise, Xtreme is still the favorite in this match-up at x1.36 versus EHOME at x3.03 returns. As much as we want to give EHOME some leeway on circumstances to snatch one round off Xtreme, it’s almost impossible to see a scenario where this happens.

Hence, the second-best resort would be on Total Maps to be under 2.5 at x2.09 odds. Expect Map Duration to be under 29.5 minutes at x4.64 returns, or Total Kills under 40.5 kills at x3.89 odds since the map will end relatively quickly.

Xtreme’s absolute control with targeted stuns makes First Blood kill an easy betting market to root for them at x1.76 odds. Furthermore, a midgame-based draft, ideally with Templar Assassin would give Xtreme control over Roshan kill early on at x1.57 odds.

Xtreme Gaming’s debut into Division 1 has been a pleasant surprise for DPC CN Tour 2 viewers hoping to see more action between the upper echelons of the bracket. Considering its line-up and performance thus far, it’s certainly not a fool’s dream.

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