YouTube Gaming sets new records in 2020

YouTube Gaming is Twitch Gaming’s biggest competitor – while Twitch definitely holds the biggest market share in the streaming market, YouTube is no slouch… and 2020 has been a great year for YouTube Gaming.

In fact, it’s been the biggest so far – 100 billion hours were watched on over 40 million active gaming channels. They’re doing pretty well too – over 800k YouTube Gaming channels have already hit the magic mark: More than 100.000 subscribers.

A thousand have reached more than 5 million subscribers each, and 350 gaming creators have more than 10 million subscribers. Are any channels that you follow on the list?

Youtube Gaming new records

The draw of exclusivity

YouTube Gaming has exclusive contracts with several big gamers and content creators – LazarBeam, Lyna, MortaL, CouRage, TheDonato, and Typical Gamer are all exclusive to YouTube. One of the most popular female streamers in the world (Valkyrae) is exclusive to YouTube and has also managed to significantly increase her platform on YouTube.

Of course, the streamers on YouTube don’t JUST stream game content – they also support good causes. Rooster Teeth, TheDonato, JackSepticEye, CouRage, and CoryXKenshin for example all supported COVID-19 relief efforts.

Plenty of content creators on YouTube Gaming also participate in things like online tournaments as well as other online-only events like the in-game Fortnite concert that Travis Scott held. Naturally, YouTube Gaming also hosted key tournaments around the world – in 2020, that included events like Call of Duty League, Valorant First Strike, Arena of Valor International Championship, ESL’s Counter-Strike Pro League, Overwatch League, League of Legends Worlds, and the Free Fire League Championship.

The top dogs in Youtube Gaming

The most-watched games in 2020 were:

  • Minecraft with a whopping 201 billion views,
  • Roblox with 75 billion,
  • Garena Free Fire with 72 billion,
  • GTA V with 70 billion, and
  • Fortnite with 67 billion.

Going by live games watched, the top 5 looks quite similar – Minecraft, Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, GTA V, and PUBG Mobile.

The top creators by views on gaming content are:

  • FGTeeV,
  • Jelly,
  • Flamingo,
  • Robin Hood Gamer,
  • ItsFunnneh,
  • LazarBeam,
  • Slogo,
  • Mikecrack,
  • Arab Games Network,
  • Vegetta777.

These creators are from around the world – North America, South America, Europe, and even the Middle East have creators on the list.

As for the top live streamers of the country – A large number of them are from India. Creators like SOUL Regaltos, Gyan Gaming, Total Gaming, Sc0ut, Dynamo Gaming, for example. Other top live streamers include NOBRU, VEGETTA777, LazarBeam, MrStiven TC, and The Donato. Their contribution was significant – of the more than 100 billion hours watched, more than 10 billion were live content.

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