OWL All-Star Weekend Recap: Atlantic Division triumphs, Surefour crowned 1v1 champion

Published on: 28/08/2018

The Overwatch League’s finest from both divisions battled it out in an action packed 4-1 series where the Atlantic were able to seal the deal in just five maps. This series concluded an adrenaline filled weekend for Overwatch fans as they witnessed the best of the best duke it out in several mini games ranging from Lucioball and Mystery Heroes to 1v1 tournaments for heroes such as Widowmaker.

Also winning an award this weekend was none other than Dallas Fuel’s Mickey as he received the Dennis ‘INTERNETHULK’ Hawelka award for his outstanding positive attitude and exemplary leadership during the season.

One shot, One kill

The action from All-Star weekend got off to a breakneck pace this past Saturday after a slew of Overwatch elites got to show off their extracurricular skills with a variety of fun game modes. The Atlantic division got off to a great start with two wins in the Lucioball Showdown and the 6v6 Mystery Heroes game modes. Mickey and JJoNaK looked great on a variety of heroes that really showed their individual prowess in aiming and skillshot timing as both players took turns showing out with their picks.

One shot, One kill

The Pacific division came back roaring with a nail biter 1v1 tournament bracket that saw SureFour come away with the coveted prize of most dangerous Widowmaker in the league. In a den of killers like the DPS talent of the Overwatch League, one simple mistake can be the difference between life and death when looking for the perfect snipe and it was the Canadian once again catching fire as he came away with highlight finishes on opponents like Fleta and Carpe.

When it came down to it, SureFour seemed the most in control of the moment and the confidence started to boil over into downright lethal sniping that saw him take over a tournament overcrowded with high level DPS talent. This run of form will do well to keep the wind in his sails as he looks to captain his National Team to glory this Fall in the Overwatch World Cup.

Reported for sandbagging

Rounding out the first day of action, the casters and analysts of the Overwatch League desk swapped roles with the pros as they participated in the Talent Takedown event. The Pacific Division came away with a cool 2-0 victory as they were able to push past their opponents on Gibraltar and King’s Row.

In a hilarious turn of events, highly lauded shoutcaster of the OWL, MonteCristo, was reported mid-game by the Blizzard client for ‘sandbagging’ in his series against the Atlantic division, much to the delight of fans and viewers watching the action.

Reported for sandbagging

The show of humor from Blizzard was a nice touch for both casters and developers alike as the Overwatch League showed their charm and a bit of their funny bone in the final two matches on Day One of All-Star Weekend.

Mickey steals the show

On the final day of action, the Atlantic Division came up big in an action packed series against their Pacific Rivals, winning the series 4-1. Even though the series wasn’t competitive on paper, the angles and gameplay being used by a variety of pros like Ryujehong, Muma and Sayaplayer over the course of the series made for plenty of ooh’s and aah’s for spectators in attendance.

Mickey steals the show

The wildly combustible series between a slew of Overwatch elites was extremely fun, but ultimately short lived as the Atlantic Division came away with a win. Adding another trophy to the Pacific Division cabinet was Dallas Fuel’s Pongphop ‘Mickey’ Rattanasangchod as he was awarded the first ever Dennis Hawelka Award for his exemplary showmanship on stage to both fans and teammates, as well as his overwhelmingly positive approach to the game.

This initiative from Blizzard was a breath of fresh air for eSports awards as they honor a player for strong attributes inside and outside of the game, while also commemorating a late, but great, former professional of the scene in Dennis ‘INTERNETHULK’ Hawelka. Hawelka was once a former teammate of Mickey who was responsible for picking him up to the infamous Team EnvyUs roster before his untimely passing in November of last year.


Credits: Overwatch League
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