Collegiate Rocket League Spring 2023 Season

We are entering the Spring 2023 Season in the University Rocket League (CRL circuit). For the uninitiated, the Collegiate Rocket League season kicked off in February with events in Europe and North America, offering up to six invites into the CRL 2023 World Championship.

Considering the World Championship is the highest accomplishment for these CRL participants, top performers will be held in high regard. Perhaps even get professional teams to notice their talents for upcoming recruitment.

CRL Spring 2023

Collegiate Rocket League Spring – Format and Teams

The Spring Season consists of two divisions (East/West). Each region competes in League play until three top teams from each region are determined. Following both Regular Splits; an all NA event, pitting the six best teams from the Western and Eastern conference, into a single double-elimination bracket.

This year, Universities from Mexico are participating in the Western division, and Borregos MTY may have a shot at Playoffs and ultimately making a deep run of it.

CRL NA Spring 2023 Standings

We are currently in the final week of Regular Season play over in both divisions. Team’s are fighting to clinch Playoffs Spots, and ultimately a shot at the CRL Nationals in March. The current standings in each region are as follows:

CRL NA Spring 2023 East Standings

CRL NA Spring 2023 West Standings

Good News for North America’s Collegiate Rocket League scene

After more then half a decade of commitment and support for Collegiate Rocket League by Psyonix, the NA CRL scene has grown into a sustainable league for American undergrads to pursue an Esports career. Shining the spotlight on young talents will be key to maintaining Rocket League Esports as a mainstay in the competitive sports scene.

Frankly, the efforts were well-worth due to the overwhelming participation of universities that gave Rocket League Esports a shot. While the EU CRL scene has lesser participation compared to its NA counterpart, it’s evident that the EU does not lack promising talents either.

Perhaps a couple more seasons, and we might see the EU CRL expand into mainstream clubs for more alma maters.

University Rocketeers Spring 2023 in Full Swing

The CRL equivalent over in Europe (University Rocketeers) is in full swing as well, starting from February 22nd. 52 teams divided in four Groups are fighting it all out for a shot at both guaranteed CRL Worlds spots and LCQ spots as well.

It’s too early to tell if anyone has a leg up in the competition, but Berlin Phoenix is thus far the most consistent team in the entire competition.

EUR Spring 2023 Grp BEUR Spring 2023 Grp BEUR Spring 2023 Grp CEUR Spring 2023 Grp D

All eyes on the CRL 2023 World Championship

The World Championship will surely be the talk of the town after the CRL Regionals conclude. Last year, Psyonix went out of its way to make the CRL event as grand as majors by hosting it in DreamHack Dallas 2022. The 2022-23 Collegiate Rocket League World Championship will take place this summer!

Anyhow, rest assured that the World Championship will feature a generous prize pool, set at $75,000. The prize pool might change in the future.

Catch the CRL Nations in action, starting March 11th. Don’t miss the matches, broadcasted on the official Rocket League Twitch channel if watching these young guns brawl it out in turbo engine goodness.