IEM New York 2020 – Tournament Overview, Predictions and Betting Tips

Intel Extreme Masters Season 15 continues with an online regional version of IEM New York 2020. Organizer ESL has filled up the spot once filled with ESL One New York, with a fresh new esports tournament from the Intel Extreme Masters series. 

The event is set to take place between the 6th and 25th of October. It features three regional divisions for Europe, North America and CIS. A prize pool of $250,000 has been allotted to the events as well as EPT points for IEM Katowice 2021. Additionally, Regional Major Rankings (RMR) points from the new pandemic enforced ranking system are awarded to participating teams.

The event servers as the final chance for NA and CIS teams to earn RMR points from this season.

Intel Extreme Masters New York 2020


IEM New York 2020 Overview & Teams

The online event features 32 teams across all three regions. Both the CIS and North America RMS top eight teams received invites to IEM New York Online. Further four closed qualifier invites were sent to the next four teams in the rankings.


The European portion of the event is held between 6th and 11th of October 2020. The event was set to finish earlier than the other two regions to accommodate for the upcoming Dreamhack Open Fall event starting on the 15th of October.

Only eight teams were invited in the European portion of the event and only Pro Tour points were awarded to the winners. The European RMR portion awarded points will be given out at the Dreamhack event instead.

The teams invited in Europe are: Fnatic, FaZe Clan, Complexity, BIG, G2 Esports, Vitality, Heroic and OG.

The lions share of the IEM New York prize pool was alotted to EU with $140,000 out of the $250,000 allotted for the three regions.

October 11 Update: FaZe clan was the winner of IEM New York 2020: Europe, after beating OG 3-0 in the final series.

IEM New York 2020

© FaZe Clan

North America

North America is holding its portion of IEM New York between October 6th and 18th. A total of 12 teams were either invited or qualified for the event. There were four teams that either qualified or were invited but refused to participate due to various reasons. They are: Gen.G, Cloud 9, Swole Patrol and Yeah Gaming.

With replacement taking their spots, the final list of participants is as follows: Evil Geniuses, New England Whalers, FURIA, Triumph, Rebirth Esports, Imperium, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, Team One, Chaos EC, Mythic and RBG Esports.

This event marks the final showing for 100 Thieves on the competitive CS:GO scene after the organization announced their departure from the Global Offensive scene on October 12th.

The NA event is currently in its Playoffs Stage. You can read the specific match breakdowns and IEM New York betting tips below.


The final and latest of the three IEM New York online events is the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) regional event. Held between October 13th and 25th, it is the final chance for CIS powerhouse Natus Vincere to top the RMR Rankings in their region.

Similarly to North America, 12 teams are participating in the event, with 7 direct invites from the RMR Rankings and 5 slots allotted to qualifiers. The teams making the final cut are as follows: Natus Vincere, Spirit, Nemiga,, ESPADA, Winstrike, Gambit Esports, K23, forZe, Etheral, Cyber Legacy and HellRaisers.

Out of the three regional events, CIS features the most unpredictable competition with IEM New York odds varying greatly between different esports betting sites. Paired with the North America Playoffs, both events provide great opportunities for betting and a solid chance to earn additional drops in your viewing experience.

Betting on IEM New York 2020

There are several aspects to note before you consider betting at IEM New York 2020. As a major level event, IEM New York will offer more then the usual betting markets. Specific in-match objectives and outcomes are available for betting. However, you must have some knowledge and understanding on each of the participating teams and their playstyle to make successful bets. Luckily, our dedicated CSGO news Section and betting guide should give you all the relevant information. Our archive contains information on each previous event and tournament played by each of the participants.

Additionally, we will provide you with our analysis and betting predictions at the end of this wiki.

IEM New York 2020 Odds

A glance at the IEM New York betting odds gives us a positive feeling for our bankroll in the following weeks. Due to the the unpredictable nature of online play, CSGO betting providers have allowed for some interesting bets outright and in-play for all three regional tournaments. Additionally, due to the volume of matches played weekly, we can create interesting accumulator and system bet slips with mixed matches from across the globe.

Lets take a quick glance at the odds available at for IEM New York 2020.



We can quickly take note that most matches feature odds and coefficients of at least 1.4 or more for each side of the match-up. This makes for great betting potential in singles and accumulator bets. Additionally, over 100 special markets are available for each individual match-up as well as specialized in-match live betting.

Overall, the odds at this event are satisfactory at the very least for some solid bankroll building.

IEM New York 2020 Predictions

Based on the esports betting odds we have scouted, there are several ways we can approach the upcoming competitive CS:GO weekend. Below are two of our selections for you to consider placing a bet on today.
(Predicted winners or outcomes marked in bold)

IEM New York 2020 Accumulator Betslip

FURIA vs Liquid @ 1.58
Gambit Youngsters vs ETHEREAL @ 1.13
forZe vs K23 @ 1.54
Nemiga vs ETHEREAL @ 1.18
Natus Vincere vs Virtus.Pro @ 1.33

Bet amount: 10$
Potential Winnings: 116.77$

IEM New York 2020 System Bet Slip

New England Whalers vs TeamOne – Total maps over 2.5 @ 1.94
Gambit Youngsters vs ETHEREAL – Correct map score 2:0 @ 1.51
Winstrike vs HellRaisers – Correct map score 2:0 @ 2.84
ESPADA vs Cyber Legacy – Total maps over 2.5 @ 1.9
forZe vs K23 – Correct map score 2:0 @ 2.66
Nemiga vs ETHEREAL – Total maps over 2.5 @ 2.43
Natus Vincere vs Virtus.Pro – Correct map score 2:0 @ 2.11

System setting: 6/7
Bet amount: 70$ (10$ per combination)
Potential Winnings: 7152.16$

You can watch all of the matches played at IEM New York live on the official ESL CSGO Twitch Channel.