PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2023 – Schedule, Teams & Watch Live

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2023 is set to happen from Jul. 11 to 16. The venue for the PMWI is The Boulevard, a recreational and commercial complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It will be the second edition of the PMWI in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh played host to the mid-season esports event last year as well.

The PMWI is happening at the Gamers8 festival, one of the world’s largest gaming and esports festivals. In 2023, it features a total prize pool of $45 million for different esports titles, with the PMWI being one of them. Additionally, HONOR is the smartphone partner for the event. Players will play in the PMWI with the HONOR Magic5 Pro smartphones.

Watch the PMWI 2023 Live:

Fans from around the world can tune in to YouTube and Twitch to watch the PMWI 2023. Tencent hasn’t revealed the exact broadcast timings yet.

PMWI 2023 Schedule: Two Stages of Action for Fans

The PMWI 2023 is split into two stages: the All-Stars Stage and the Main Tournament.

The schedule for them is as follows:

  • All-Stars Stage: July 11 to 13
  • Main Tournament: July 14 to 16

If you are looking to attend the PMWI in person, rejoice, as tickets will be available on the Gamers8 website soon. The organizer hasn’t revealed the pricing and other details yet.


Source: PUBG Mobile Esports


PMWI All-Stars Stage Format and Teams

The PMWI All-Stars Stage will happen from July 11 to 13. Eighteen teams have been selected from different regions via an in-game voting system which happened last month. They will compete across several with the top six advancing to the Main Tournament.

The 18 teams are as follows:

  • Vampire Esports
  • R8 Esports
  • Bigetron Red Villains
  • Faze Clan
  • SEM9
  • Infinity IQ
  • Yangon Galacticos
  • DRS Gaming
  • AGONxI8 Esports
  • iKURD Esports
  • Titan Gaming
  • N Hyper Esports
  • Aton Esports
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • S2G Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Varrel
  • South Korean representative: TBD

Source: PUBG Mobile Esports

PMWI Main Tournament Format and Teams

The top six teams from the All-Stars Stage will move on to the PMWI 2023 Main Tournament, where they will face 10 regional champions to fight for the title. They will compete across three days from July 14 to 16 to crown a winner and decide who will pocket the lion’s share of the $3 million prize pool.

The 10 teams who have directly qualified for the PMWI 2023 Main Tournament are as follows:

  • Twisted Minds
  • Tianba
  • Six Two Eight
  • Alter Ego Ares
  • Box Gaming
  • Stalwart Esports
  • Geekay Esports
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • Fire Flux Esports
  • Japanese representative: TBD
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History and Past Winners

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) was first held in 2021 and has only had two editions of the tournament being held until today with the PMWI 2023 set to be the third.

PMWI 2021

PMWI 2021 was organized in collaboration with the charity fund Gamers Without Borders. The $3 million prize pool was set to be distributed to different charities based on the winning teams’ choices.

The tournament had to be played online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, Tencent organized it in two phases: the PMWI East and the PMWI West to reduce ping disparity between teams from around the world.  Each region featured 16 invited teams who competed for the title. In the East, Thailand’s Valdus Esports came in first place while Brazil’s Alpha7 Esports managed to bag the title in the West.

PMWI 2022

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 happened between Aug. 11 to 20. Teams from around the world competed for a share of the $3 million prize pool and the prestigious trophy.

The venue for the PMWI  was the Esports and Elite Zone – Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The PMWI 2022 has been split into two weeks:

  • Week one (Main Tournament): Aug. 11 to 13
  • Week two (Afterparty Showdown): Aug. 18 to 20

The $3 million prize pool was split between both of the weeks. The main tournament, featured 18 teams competing for the win. The Afterparty Showdown, on the other hand, only had 12 teams competing for the remaining $1 million.

What teams were competing in the Main Tournament?

The 18 teams in the Main Tournament have been invited from different leagues around the world. They are as follows:

PMWI Main Tournament Teams

PMWI Afterparty Showdown Format

The PMWI Afterparty Showdown only had 12 teams with $1 million on the line. The top five teams from the Main Tournament will make it to the Afterparty Showdown. Additionally, six chosen teams from different regions and one special invited team will make it to the Afterparty Showdown.

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Who were the teams competing in the Afterparty Showdown?

To select five of the six teams from different regions, Tencent launched an in-game voting system in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and Europe. The voting lasted from July 8 to 10 with the most voted team qualifying for the Afterparty Showdown. The teams are as follows:

  • Deadeyes Guys (South Asia)
  • Bigetron RA (Southeast Asia)
  • Ra’ad (Middle East and Africa)
  • Alpha7 Esports (Americas)
  • S2G Esports (Europe)

The PUBG Mobile World Invitational is one of the newer tournament which Tencent has introduced with it’s first edition happening just last year. The 2021 PMWI, however, was quite different as the teams played remotely. Furthermore, the PMWI was split into the East and West to reduce ping disparity between the global competitors. The PMWI 2021 was supported by Gamers Without Borders and had a charity prize pool of $3 million, split evenly between the East and the West. Teams could donate this money to a charity of their choice.

Sixteen teams competed in each region with Valdus Esports becoming the Eastern champions. The title of Western champions, on the other hand, went to Brazil’s Alpha7 Esports.