TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 – Schedule, Players & History

TrackMania’s biggest event of the year is coming up soon, with a huge prize pool for the game at stake. This tournament is bringing in the greatest players from around the world. Competitors have been sourced from past World Cups along with the regular tournaments that are held throughout the year. This is how the TMGL World Cup is going to work, the format, who is playing, and what to look at for esports betting at the event.

TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 is going to be the second to feature the latest TrackMania game released in 2020. This is a much more polished version of the game which is going to suit the elevated competition at this year’s World Cup.

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TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 Format

The TrackMania Grand League (TMGL) World Cup 2022 is going to be played over the course of three days. Here, the top international players will be competing in various rounds. It all starts off with a round of four matches based on standings prior to the tournament though. The previous World Champion takes the first seed, the others are all going to be seeded based on their performance in the TMGL over previous seasons.

These games are going to be played in a 1v1v1v1 cup mode. Placement yields 4,3,2, and 1 point respectively in these matches. The tournament starts with the first round of four matches. Here, all players are going to get a chance to play. There will be eight rounds of matches in total in this section, giving players a lot of chances to grab some points. Halfway through this round, standings are reseeded based on performance in the tournament.

The top eight players from this round will then move into the semi-finals. These are going to be played as 1v1v1v1. The top four from these matches head to the grand final. Semi-finals and finals will be played in a simple bracket. Players are divided into two 4-v-4 matches for the semis. The final will be one group of 4-v-4 for those matches.

The prize pool at this tournament is going to consist of €20,000 in total! The lion’s share of 40% will be going to the winner. However, there are prizes for all teams. The better prizes go to those who make the semi-finals.

TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 Participants

The TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 is coming at the very end of the season’s competition. The teams who are going to be involved have qualified in some different ways. Some are coming from the TMGL matches, and others have fought their way in through past cups. These are all of the participants:

  • Carl Jr.
  • Pac
  • Affi
  • Mudda
  • Aurel
  • Bren
  • Massa
  • Gwen
  • GranaDy
  • Papou
  • Binkss
  • Kappa
  • Mime
  • Otaaaq
  • Tween
  • MiQuatro

TMGL WC 2022 Participants


The TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 isn’t super complicated in terms of its format. The schedule is running over an entire weekend though. You’re going to have a lot of action to watch across the full event. This is how the schedule breaks down for the tournament:

  • Friday July 1 – Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Saturday July 2 – Rounds 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • Sunday – Semi Finals and Grand Final

TrackMania World Cup History

The TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 might be bigger this season, but this isn’t the first one. The first equivalent event stretched back to 2006! That was on a much earlier version of TrackMania though. The tournaments have been running nearly annually since then. Although, it did skip years in 2009, 2017, and 2019. That’s along with a truncated 2020/2021 thanks to the impact of pandemic restrictions.

The 2022 TrackMania World Cup is definitely the biggest so far. While 16 players has long been the norm, the prize pool is bigger last time around. The 2020/21 World Cup’s total prize pool was $15,000. In 2019, the pool was slightly lower still with just $5,000 Euros on offer. The year before it was only €3,000. It hasn’t been a complete grind upwards though. The pool for the World Cup was larger as recently as 2015, matching more recent years with €15,000.

The new TrackMania Grand League World Cup 2022 is going to be bigger than any in its history before. The newest version of the game is one of the most polished, and we’ll be seeing some top-tier players competing.