WePlay Academy League Season 4 – Format, Schedule & Expectations

WePlay Academy League is the premiere event for up and coming talent to prove their worth and prowess in CS:GO. Three seasons in, some of the best up and comers in CS:GO came from developmental leagues and academy teams.

We are currently in Season 4 of the WePlay Academy League, and there is plenty to be excited about. There was a lot to love about Seasons 1 through 3. Young players to garner experience against other up and coming teams. This, in turn, allows them to get chances on better teams.

WePlay Academy League Season 3

Just as an example, m0NESY to G2 was the biggest recent signing for a player that built his career in Academy. It also allows big team organizations to use these teams as future talent for their own teams if they so please. There have been many other players who have impressed as well. On top of the players and the opportunity this so clearly provides, it is also fun to watch. The broadcast talent has been very entertaining. Pimp, Mauisnake, Scrawny and launders have done a wonderful job with casting.

Watch WePlay Academy League Season 4 Live:

WePlay Academy League Season 4 Format & Teams

Season 4 will feature a Group Stage followed by a Play-In Stage, with the top 4 teams going to the LAN finals for a showdown worth $100,000 USD. The teams in attendance are: Astralis Talent, BIG Academy, MOUZ NXT, FURIA Academy, Fnatic Rising, Apeks Rebels, Spirit Academy, Eternal Fire Academy, Young Ninjas and Natus Vincere Jr, OG Academy and Young Gods.

Group Stage

The Grp Stage features two double Round-Robin format groups with 5 teams in each group. All matches will be played in the bo1 format. The 1st place team of each group advances to the LAN Finals, while the 2nd–5th place teams from each group advance to the Play-In Stage.

WePlay Academy League Groups

WePlay Academy League Groups

Play-In Stage

Following the group stage, a single-elimination play-in stage with Bo3 matches will determine the final two teams advancing to the LAN finals. Check with our Esports News section for individual match predictions once this stage rolls around.

WePlay Academy League Season 4 Predictions

We found two potential outright candidates as potential winners for this event. Read out breakdown and reasoning behind it:


After they won the last three seasons at the WePlay Academy League, MOUZ NXT are of course considered a front runner again. There is potential for an upheaval, though. MOUZ will need to field a couple of players after their recent roster announcements. It made sense for MOUZ to pick up a couple players from this team, which may completely undermine their chances to win here. MOUZ is known to be stingy when it comes to their CSGO team, so it would make sense if they took some players with great potential from their own team org. This is what the Academy League is for, after all.

Young Ninjas

Young Ninjas are the second powerhouse coming into this tournament. ztr and phzy have the potential to lead this team to a victory after losing to MOUZ and NAVI Junior last season. This time, however, NAVI Junior will have to play without m0NESY, leaving Young Ninjas with the most experience having made a deep run themselves.

Broadcast Changes to Academy League S4

WePlay Academy League Season 3 had Harry and Hugo casting in place of Launders and Scrawny. In Season 4 we return back to the original duo. Both duos proved to be fun casters to listen to, so it will be nice to have them as an addition to the broadcast.

Overall, anyone who enjoyed the last season will love this upcoming one as well. It’s like watching the World Junior tournament in hockey, watching the future stars of the NHL start their rivalries and achieving greatness early.