While the Oceania servers in most games take further part in the esports scene, we also see esports betting Australia getting bigger and bigger. Esports betting sites, the best teams, and the best games, here we will go through what you need to know before betting.

Is it legal to bet on esports in Australia?

Australia is famous for being a country where bets are received in every sense of the word. It is a country that has accepted casino betting, just as sports and esports betting over time. Just like this several Aussie betting sites came out to be great for fans to gamble on the results of important tournaments.

This has allowed several gambling companies to establish within the country. Besides, gambling has been taking more importance as time goes by and new ways to bet on esports are emerging.

In short, esports betting Australia is a legal and promoted activity, as are traditional bets. However, betting on poker sites is prohibited. Furthermore, it is impossible to bet on an event that has already started according to the country’s regulations.

Favorite esports for betting in Australia

Australia is a country that breaks the mold a little bit when comparing to the games that we usually see worldwide. The games that are most famous within the Australian territory are some of the least recognized within a global sight and have taken a back seat to the giants that now reign in the gambling world.

  • Rocket League – Rocket League is the top game in the world of esports in Australia. The game is not only one for which people tend to bet more and more often, but it is one of the games where more teams can be seen and that have had more growth in recent years.
    This is surprising because at present other games predominate worldwide. However, in Australia, you can get more than 60 Rocket League teams that compete at a semi-professional or professional level. Besides, you can find most local teams at Pinnacle bet Australia. Therefore, if you are in australia you shoulddefinitely try Rocket League gambling.
  • Overwatch – Overwatch is a game that has come to stand alongside the giants of the company today. This game had a boom at the time it was launched worldwide but gradually declined and is now only recognized by having a decent share on the esports scene.
    However, Australia continues to break the global patterns and keeps Overwatch high on the list; especially for betting on sites like bet365 Australia. Currently, within this country, you can find more than 30 esports teams and hundreds of daily bets focused on this game.
  • CS:GO – This game is not so much a surprise since CSGO is probably the most important FPD in the betting market. Nowadays it is one of the most important shooters in esports betting Australia and big tournaments are still organized every year having this game as the main protagonist.
    Australia keeps CSGO as the third of the most important games in the market. The bets and teams go in boom and it is one of the esports with a bigger future trajectory in case the rhythm is maintained as it goes until now.
  • Fortnite – Moving on, we have Fortnite betting. The famous battle royale came in by 2018 with the huge success of several Australian players who managed to get to the world’s tournament after the Australia Fortnite Smash went big.
    Since then, the game is massively popular within the country and some of best Fortnite players in Australia stay in sight for international events.
Esports Betting Australia

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Best teams and tournaments to bet on in Australia

As we mentioned earlier, Australia is great at producing teams for its favorite games; besides, the country also counts with great tournaments to look for esports betting Australia:

Rocket League

Australia’s esports teams are in one of their best moments on the international scene. There are over 50 teams in the Rocket League but only a couple of them are established and consolidated in the top positions of the important tables. These teams are:

  • Tainted Minds
  • Chiefs esports Club

As far as tournaments are concerned, betting on sites such as Betway and Bet365 has a greater presence in the following events:

  • RLCS Season X – ESL Oceanic Championship Winter
  • Rocket Area League
  • RLCS Season X – Winter


As far as Overwatch is concerned, we can get it with a considerably good amount of equipment. This makes the game quite conspicuous within the Australian territory and therefore, it is the center of the bets that people usually make. The best teams in the oceanic country are:

  • Chiefs esports Club
  • Blank Esports

As for the tournaments, we can’t see much variation in what is found worldwide. The most striking tournaments are:

  • Overwatch World Cup
  • Overwatch League
  • Overwatch Contenders


The last game on the list is currently one of the most important games in the esports betting Australia scene. Therefore, it is not something that is a trend that is marked only in Australia but this does not detract from having outstanding teams. Within the list we can get:

  • Renegades
  • Sydney Drop Bears
  • Team Australia

Despite news about rigged teams, in terms of betting and tournaments, we have that people have a fairly marked interest in major events worldwide. These are:

  • ESL One
  • Intel Extreme Masters XV – Melbourne
  • CSGO Major Championship

Available Betting Markets in Australia

Among Australian betting sites some betting markets are more popular than others, yet the usual is found for every game depending on the site. For example, in aussie betting sites such as bet365 AUS these are the most common:

Rocket League Betting Markets

  • Appearance a player will use
  • Total goals in a game
  • Winner of the game
  • Winner of the group

Overwatch Betting Markets

  • Insured objectives
  • Total number of murders
  • Events within the game
  • Winning team

CSGO Betting Markets

  • Total shots to the head
  • Total rounds played
  • Winner of the round
  • Total number of maps used

The best Australian betting sites are defined for being licensed and offering fair esports betting odds. On the other hand, betting markets and tournaments found for local gamblers and fans are just great.

Esports in Australia

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Local teams and esports companies in Australia

In Australia, we can’t get as much boom in companies that are in favor of esports. This is because, despite their popularity, the boom is still slow and has not been as conspicuous. On the other hand, the teams have had a long history.

Among the most prominent teams in the country, we can mention ORDER, Renegades, and Chiefs esports Club. As for esports companies, Esports Mogul leads the market, followed by iCandy Interactive and Emerge Gaming; all companies dedicated to esports teams and events within the country.

Accepted payment methods in Australia

The payment methods in Australia are quite varied, allowing almost any method used in most sites. This is something we can take advantage of and we can see options like:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bank transfers
  • Electronic wallets
  • Debit or credit cards

These methods can be used in conjunction with a variety of sites. Among them, we can mention Betway, bet365 Australia, and Pinnacle bet Australia.