Betway Esports Bonus - An added advantage for your esports bets

Betway might be the new kids on the block, but they’ve got the best range of esports betting markets around. Head over there now to experience the best betting experience on the web – or read our dedicated review below for a full overview of their services and offers.


Betway, founded in 2006, are relatively new to the world of online betting. This fresh-faced company has grown from small-time operator to major player in both regular sports and esports betting. Based all around the world, in countries such as Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Malta, and of course the UK – they deal with thousands of players every day of the year. Sponsorship has been the major recipe for their success, collaborating with football team West Ham United and being the betting partner for five Bundesliga clubs. More importantly for you though is that Betway sponsor the successful esports team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

The sponsorship of a major esports team, alongside the introduction of Betway’s esports betting section has seen them become a key player in CS:GO gambling, League of Legends betting and a hub to bet on Dota 2. Accredited by eCOGRA (one of the major international testing agencies); for those new to esports this ensures that all your bets (whether from a regular win, or activated from a bonus on league of legends for example), are placed on safe and secure software. For further player protection they are also regulated by the Gambling Commission, while being a registered member of the I.B.A.S (the Independent Betting Adjudication Service) and the ESSA, a non-profit organisation who are a major anti-cheating regulation service.

  • Betway offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, direct bank transfer, ecoPayz, Neteller and PayPal (among many more).
  • An amazing choice of esports markets (many more than some major competitors).
  • Simple and easy to use platform, perfect for those who aren’t used to gaming.
  • 24/7 customer service available for complete support on all betting matters.

Throughout this review we’ll be discussing Betway’s esports bonuses, their rise to being amongst the best CS:GO gambling sites (alongside offering markets on a variety of other games), why you should take advantage of any Betway bonus for esports currently on offer and finally five ways which you can fully utilise any bonuses on offer from Betway. During this Betway esports betting site review we’ll compare this site with many of the best esports betting sites on the market – this way you can make a decision on where to place your very first esports bet! Finally, we’ll also point out any betting games comparisons that we feel are important – there are so many games out there, you’re bound to forget a few!

Free Bets Betway Bonus - Do they offer any free bets?

Betway, like so many of the other CS:GO gambling sites on the internet, offer a pretty impressive welcome bonus. It might be labelled as the ‘Sports Welcome Offer’ but esports is also included in this. What you’ll get is a 100% matched bonus on your first deposit – which means Betway’s bonus for esports is for new customers only (don’t try if you’ve already got an account). The maximum amount of bonus credit on offer via this promotion is £30.

Betway Bonus Overview:

  • Offers customers a 100% matched deposit bonus up to a maximum of £30.
  • Customers must deposit at least £10 to qualify.
  • Free bonus credit stays valid for seven days after initial deposit. If it is unused after that period of time it is cancelled.
  • The maximum return on any free bet stake is £20,000.
  • The free bet must be used in its entirety on a single transaction.

Esports Promos Detailed Betway promos for esports

Sure, the majority of bonuses are geared around sports betting fans – esports betting is still young. The great thing for you though is that most sports bonuses can be used to bet on Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft, Overwatch and loads more. You might not see one specific bonus on League of Legends, for example, but don’t let that put you off. Betway actually offer an ongoing series of esports bonuses, with free bets on offer.

These tend to apply to specific events and tournaments which are taking place, so you need to check back on a frequent basis to see what is specifically available. If you are looking for a bonus on League of Legends, then you can usually find something to suit at Betway when the big tournaments are taking place. Betway’s esports bonuses are among the best esports betting offers available.

One disadvantage of Betway’s esports betting bonuses is that there are wagering requirements for those outside of the UK, Ireland or Canada, so if you’re betting from anywhere else it might be worth checking out another CSGO betting site. Otherwise go right ahead and bet with Betway.

Tips on how to use Why take advantage of Betway's Bonus?

Of course, bookies offering new player offers – like the Betway esports bonus – isn’t anything new, and there are a lot of Overwatch betting sites out there offering great rates, but you should definitely take advantage of their new player offer if you’re a customer in the UK.

By taking advantage of new player offers you have the opportunity to explore Betway’s website and esports betting app. They’ve not been on the web for long, sure, but they’re categorically the best website for offering esports markets. Offering enhanced odds for games involving Ninjas in Pyjamas, along with in-play sports betting and dedicated coupons – whether you’re a CS:GO, Overwatch, Dota 2 or League of Legends betting fan, you’re not going to be disappointed with what Betway offer.

Before you go ahead and bet though, we implore you to check out the terms and conditions of any offers at Betway. While we’re not saying you shouldn’t trust them, bookmakers will often include complicated and hidden terms. These include restricting which methods you use to deposit, the time-frame to use a certain bonus and which sports you can use them all. We’ve dived deep into these bonuses to make sure you have all the information – but they are subject to change, so make sure you check them out first. Otherwise, there’s nothing to say that with a good esports betting strategy that you can’t smash the bookies… after all, being one the most stat-heavy sports around, the odds are certainly in your favour.

5 ways to take advantage of your Betway bonus

Use an Accumulator

A good way of making use of bonus credit or free bets is to bet using an accumulator. This is where you combine several bets on one slip into one bet, with the odds being multiplied together. The winnings from each bet, if it wins, are then used as a stake for the next bet.

If one bet loses, though, the whole slip loses. If you are using Betway’s esports betting bonus as your stake, you can turn some short odds bets into big wins by using an accumulator. It is an excellent way to bet on favourites and still take home good winnings, especially if you are betting on the early rounds of esports tournaments, when favourites tend to win.

Bet on teams about which you know plenty

This is one piece of advice which might sound obvious, but when using Betway’s bonus for eSports, it is a good idea to bet on teams and players about which you know plenty. If you are betting by using gut instinct or similar, then the chances are that you are throwing money away. No punter should ever bet on sports about which they know nothing, and the same goes for esports players or games. Always prepare yourself properly for a bet by checking the latest news.

Never waste money or bonus credit by betting on events where your ignorance will ensure that you lose. Sports betting, despite what many people think, is not a matter of luck, and you should not treat it as such. If you want to be successful at betting, you need to use your knowledge and experience to find bets with a good chance of success.

Start with small bets

It is also a good idea to bet small, even if you are using bonus bets. Betting can become stressful and damaging if you decide to place massive bets in the hope of winning big every time. All that will usually happen is that you will end up losing big, and then try and chase your losses with ever more outlandish and wild bets. This, in turn, will lead to more losses, and the spiral will continue in a hugely negative way. Bet small on sports that you know well. This will not only help to protect your bank balance, it will keep betting fun. The whole point of betting, whether you are wagering money on esports or something else, is that it adds to the sense of excitement that sport generates. It is not meant to make sport harder to enjoy, nor is it meant to make your life more miserable. Sticking to sensible betting limits is a good idea. Never think that all your financial or life problems can be solved by placing big bets. It is only likely to make things worse. Stick to small bets and keep your wagering fun!

Stick to betting on the games you know

When it comes to betting on esports specifically, it is also a very good idea to stick to betting on the games that you have actually played. For example, if you are an experienced CSGO player, then bet on that.

Do not try and become an instant expert on League of Legends if you have never played the game. The chances are that you will really struggle to place winning bets. You would not bet on rugby union, for example, if you had never seen a game in your life. You would have no way of assessing a team’s chances of success, or even recognising what success was.

The same applies to esports. Stick to the games that you have played and watched on a regular basis. That way you will be better able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of teams more easily, and are more likely to place winning bets.

Do your research

It also pays to research as much as possible. There is always another nugget of information that you can find to help you place more winning bets. The great thing about esports is that there are plenty of websites and blogs where you can discover the latest news about the players, teams and tournaments. You can also find out behind-the-scenes information about transfers and the state of mind of players. Anything like this can be of use to the skilful esports punter.

The more that you know about a sport, the more likely you are to be a successful punter. It really is a good idea to be as knowledgeable and widely read as possible about esports, if you want place winning bets.

Conclusion Take advantage of Betway's special bonus offers now!

Betway offers a generous bonus to all of its sports betting customers, with additional bonuses on offer for esports punters, and other sports bettors. Many of these additional bonuses, especially the esports ones, are linked to specific tournaments or events, so it pays to check back at the site to see what’s available at certain times of year. With excellent website design, and a good range of esports markets, Betway is recommended as a good choice of bookie for esports bettors.

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