In this piece, we will provide you with everything you need to know about CSGO odds so make sure you keep reading till the end. If you enjoy CSGO betting or CSGO casino, then you’ll probably know that all of your potential profits depend on the right esports betting odds.

When betting on any sport or esport market, odds will constantly change. In order to understand how dynamic odds change, you need to understand the essentials of how odds work, why bookmakers offers different odds for the same match and the difference between pre-match odds and live odds. We hope to cover everything CSGO odds related here, and leave you well prepared to enter the CSGO betting world.

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What are CSGO Odds and how to calculate your winnings?

Odds are basically the chances of something happening. It can also be explained as the ratio between amounts staked by various parties. On top of that, we can also say that the odds are expected probability.

If you want to calculate possible winnings, the formula is really simple. Given the fact that decimal odds are the most popular ones, we will base our example on that. The only thing that you have to do is multiply your stake with the odds you found for yourself.

For instance, odds on Natus Vincere to win BLAST Premier Spring Finals are 3.50. If you want to stake $100 on this match, this is how your math should look like:

3.50 x $100 = $350

If you deduct the $100 you initially staked, this means that if Navi wins the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, you will earn yourself $250. Simple right?

Difference between Decimal and Fractional and American Odds

All three types of odds are essentially the same thing, the only difference is how they are presented. Fractional odds are most commonly used in Britain, while Decimal odds are used in mainland Europe. American odds as the name implies are mostly used in USA and Canada. Depending on where you come from, you might be used to a specific type of odds representation and the others might seem strange to you.

Most sites will give you an option to change how the odds a represented to ease players into using what they are most comfortable with. However, if your preferred provider doesn’t have this option this is a basic rundown of how the same odd can be presented in a different ways.

Lets take the same example as above. For Navi winning you have the following presentation of the odds:

  • American +250
  • Fractional 5/2
  • Decimal 3.5

The American representation simply tells you that you will win an extra +250 for a 100$ wager. The Fractional representation tells you that you win 5$ for every 2$ invested and the decimal gives you the number you can multiply by your bet stake to get your final payout. All three still offer the same payout entirely, it is just represented in a different way.

Difference between Pre-match odds and Live odds

Betting before the match begins and during the match offers different payouts for the same type of bets. Both betting options are quite easy to understand. When you bet pre-match, you are placing your wager before the match in question starts. It can be minutes, hours, days or months before a match is played, but as long as the match hasn’t started.

Once a match starts, Live or in-play betting becomes available. The list of CSGO betting markets might expand once live betting is available, but most of the pre-match bets are still available. The odds however, might shift rapidly once the match is live.

Lets take a hypothetical match between Gambit and Astralis as an example.

Before the match starts Gambit offers 2x (+100)(2/1) return on a bet. Once the match begins, Gambit starts by losing the first four rounds. You will see the live odds change rapidly and offer increasing payouts for Gambit to win. The more unlikely their victory the higher the odds will become in retrospect. If you place a bet at the right moment before Gambit mounts a comeback, you can expect higher returns then you would if you bet before the match started.

In this sense, live betting can be a lucrative market for those following the matches as they happen.

CSGO Odds Live Betting

Why Should You Look For the Best CSGO Betting Odds?

Before you lock in your CSGO bets, you should always double-check CSGO odds. You will probably say to yourself that it really does not matter if there is not a huge difference between odds.

However, this will come back to haunt you in the long run. You should always try to get the margin when it comes to esports betting in general. This is why we cannot stress hard enough how important it is to have accounts with various CSGO betting sites.


Below, you can find several betting sites that provide the highest odds. If you do not have an account with any of the sites, we suggest you sign up for an account on at least two of these.

Where to Find the best CSGO Odds?

If you are being smart when it comes to finding the best CSGO betting odds, then this list of providers with the highest odds on the market will definitely help you.

*The providers below are listed in alphabetical order.


If you’ve been an active bettor for a while, you’ve surely had to stumble upon Bet365 by now. If you did not, let me quickly explain why this is one of the best betting sites available. Most of the bettors will skip over this site because there is no welcome promotion attached once you sign up. Trust me when I say this, you do not need a welcome in order to profit from betting at Bet365.

Bet365’s CSGO betting odds will be giving you a huge edge over many other betting sites. Eventually, you will start to bulk up profits all thanks to them. Their platform and app are very simple and easy to use. On top of that, you can enjoy various special bets. From my personal experience, there are at least 10 special bets for every CSGO match.

Bet365 csgo odds


Another site that we want to talk about is Betway Esports. This popular bookie has boosted the entire esports betting scene. If you follow our CSGO news, then you probably know that Betway is proud to sponsor teams such as NiP and MiBR. Furthermore, Betway have taken things one step further as they are the official betting sponsor of multiple CSGO events, including the Intel Extreme Masters.

So why is Betway a good choice for you? First and foremost their overlay is neat and simple to use. On top of that, everything you need is just a couple of clicks/touches away.

CSGO Betting

CSGO coverage on this betting site is insane. You can find a lot of various events at Betway and you can also place bets on other esports titles as well. CSGO betting odds at Betway may vary. Betway frequently organizes special odds boost promotions whereby the push up the odds on important matches over which you can make a decent profit.

The esports betting homepage reveals a jam packed site with features and solid Counter Strike betting odds. The homepage automatically features all upcoming esports matches, and you can take partake in live-betting with ease via a Twitch stream at the top. The odds at this site are competitive with the others sites featured on this list and you will have to identify opportunities on select matches.

The welcome offer is absolutely insane and their mystery jackpot options are also something to keep note of.

buff bet csgo


GGBET is one of the biggest players in the CSGO space right now. It was established in August 2016, when they took their first esports bets, and remains a popular choice to this day. You are probably well familar with this brand, as they are sponsoring tournaments and CSGO teams all year round. While they were set up to exclusively to take wagers on games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, the site has evolved into an all-encompassing betting platform offering various bonuses and campaigns almost weekly.



Since 2014, Unikrn has been offering esports betting to its users. One of the first dedicated esports betting sites on the market, Unikrn has been the pioneer in most aspects of CSGO Odds making and market availability. Now nearing a decade into existence, this site offers some of the most extensive betting markets and exotic betting options out there.

Unikrn CSGO

If you want a platform solely dedicated on esports betting then Unikrn is the right selection for you.

Betting markets with the most interesting CSGO Odds

With plenty of offers in terms of markets, identifying the best betting markets with the best CSGO odds can be a bit of a search. Ideally, you want a nice mix of safe betting and lucrative returns, and there is a few markets where CSGO odds will remain relatively high, and you can place singles and outright bets for good returns.

Here’s three interesting betting markets you can expect high CSGO betting odds at:

  • Total Rounds
  • Rounds Handicap
  • Correct Map Score

When placing bets you can almost always go for over 25 total rounds. Additionally you can always go for a 2:0 score when a team is a heavy favorite and place a high rounds handicap on them as well. Heavy favorites tend to win by a margin of around 7 rounds on average. This means every handicap below 7 should be a winning bet in most cases.

You can read our guide for a full rundown of CSGO Betting Advice.