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ESL Pro League Season 14 is one of the main events in the Summer portion of the competitive CS:GO season. Leading up to the event, teams and organizations go through a grueling process of preparation for the biggest permanent international league in CSGO. is here to cover everything from tournament information to betting guides and match predictions.

Complementary to our daily CS:GO Esports News, comes our analysis of the best ESL Pro League betting odds and valuable picks for the upcoming Group Stage at the ESL Pro League Season 14. In order to cover as much ground possible and cater to as many styles possible, we take a look at several markets, betting methods and esports betting sites. The goal is making a hefty profit while protecting our investment, as we take a look at some safe and not-so-safe bets on offer.


ESL Pro League Season 14 Betting

CSGO betting is one of the core five markets in esports betting. The scope and size of available markets and providers has evolved gradually over the past decade and now includes a wide variety of selections. You do not have to be an esports guru or an expert to bet on CS:GO anymore. Outright winners or favorites in most matches are well known beforehand even if you are tuning into the ESL Pro League for the first time.

However, ESL Pro League odds vary greatly between different bookmakers, and may trick you into making the wrong selection. Luckily, we got you covered as we select the best odds and selections in each category. Additionally, we will offer you our match predictions based on our internal match analysis.

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Best ESL Pro League Odds for Outright Bets

Accumulator bets are the main market of interest for most CS:GO betting enthusiasts. The length of your betslip is only limited by how many matches you want to predict and rarely the limit imposed by some providers. With the current ESL Pro league betting odds, coefficients easily double and triple in value when making predictions on Group Stage matches.

Our selection from the teams with perfect ESL Pro League odds to win will be on the conservative side. We will only be focusing on “guaranteed winners”.

Bet Type: Outright
Market: ESL Pro League – Group B: Winner
Selection: Virtus.Pro

Odds: 3.50
Stake: 10$
Winnings: 35.00$


Bet Type: Outright
Market: ESL Pro League – Group A: Winner
Selection: Heroic

Odds: 2.50
Stake: 10$
Winnings: 25.00$


ESL Pro League Best Odds for System Bets

Finding the best odds for System Bets usually means comparing all matches in a desired bet slip between different providers. System bets have an infinite amount of combinations an opportunities. Availability of markets and the option to combine exotics with outrights is key when selecting where to place a bet. Below is our Group Stage system bet with the best odds found at GG.BET.

You can read our GGbet Review here.

Bet Type: System Bet
Market: ESL Pro League S14 Group Stage

Astralis vs ENCE @ 1.55
Heroic vs Spirit @ 1.66
Heroic vs ENCE @ 2.31
Virtus.Pro vs OG @ 1.86
OG vs Forze @1.65
G2 vs Complexity @ 1.44
Heroic vs Astralis @ 1.82

System: 6/7
Winnings: 1953.85$

Provider: GG.BET

Additionally, if you manage to create an interesting system bet at any of our featured betting sites, drop us a comment and we will feature it in this section.

Best Odds for Special Bets at ESL Pro League

Special bets are found in special markets, and can be tied to any in-game objective during a single match. Furthermore, outright bets on group winners and event winners are available for select events. Some special bets can also be tied to special offers and bonuses that can be claimed if the bet is won.

Below are our selections for special bets you can play during the ESL Pro League Group Stage.

Bet #1: ESL Pro League S14 (Outright)
Market: Region of Winner
Selection: CIS
Odds: 1.4 @ Betway

Bet #2: ESL Pro League S14 (Outright)
Market: Total Number of Aces
Selection: Under 35.5
Odds: 1.85 @ Betway

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