Halo has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity recently as gamers and esports bettors have flocked to the game in search of some new thrills and variety. Although the franchise is over twenty years old now, it continues to offer plenty of entertainment to both bettors and gamers. In 2021, Halo Infinite launched, re-igniting the series’ competitive fire, and today, we’re addressing that competitive scene and bringing you an in-depth Halo odds and betting guide.

Read on to see how Halo odds work and what types of markets are on offer for this exciting first-person shooter franchise. There are plenty of great things to discover!

How do Halo Betting Odds Work?

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Experienced bettors will not find any surprises in the way that Halo odds work. Odds act as a predictor of how likely an event is to occur as well as your likely winnings, should your bet be successful. The higher (or longer) the odds, the less chance an event has of occurring, though your winnings will be greater if it does.

You will see odds at esports betting sites usually displayed in decimal format. These are shown as numbers like 4.00 or 2.5. You can calculate your winnings by multiplying this number by your stake, so they are simple to understand. If you are based in the UK, you may also see or prefer to use fractional odds, which are displayed as 2/1 or 5/2. They are slightly more complex than decimal odds but work in essentially the same way as predictors of probability and winnings.

Spotting Favourites

Working out which team is the favourite from the odds is very simple to do. The lower the number in the odds, the more likely a team is to win. So, if one team in a match is at odds of 1.20 and the other is at odds of 4.00, the team at odds of 1.20 is the favourite, and therefore more likely.

Halo Betting Odds Tracker


Types of Halo betting markets

If you’re already familiar with esports betting on other games, then the types of betting markets for which you can find Halo odds will not show too many surprises. Here is a selection of the Halo betting types you can use when wagering on the game:

  • Match winner – This is a very simple bet where you attempt to successfully predict which team will win the match you are watching. The Halo betting odds are very easy to understand for this type of wager.
  • Map winner – Another very simple type of Halo betting is where you attempt to pick which team will win a particular map in a match. This is particularly good fun if you are doing a spot of in-play, live betting.
  • Tournament winner – This is a form of outright market where you attempt to predict the overall winner of a tournament. This requires good knowledge of teams’ relative strengths and weaknesses if you want to be successful.
  • Tournament finalist – This wager is where you attempt to predict whether or not a team will reach the final of a tournament, not whether they will become outright winners. Your bet wins if your selection reaches the final, whether or not they are victorious once there.

Final Remarks

Halo is a fantastic game that continues to develop as its audience grows. There is a great selection of Halo tournaments you can bet on, and it is growing all the time. Finding good Halo odds is becoming easier all the time as the selection of bookmakers offering Halo markets grows. Make sure you check out the betting opportunities Halo offers for yourself!