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BETWINNER Review 2021 | How is the BetWinner Esports service?

Esports betting is an ever-growing market with more and more Esports bookmakers offering you the chance to bet on games all the time. However, they aren’t all equal. BetWinner is a site that combines the ease of use and choice of markets you’ll find with a traditional bookie, with some of the more innovative features, payment options, and Esports odds of gaming-focused sites. This BetWinner review covers everything you need to know about the site. From odds and markets available to the bonuses and customer service, this is all you need to know about BetWinner Esports betting.

BetWinner is a site that offers betting on both sports and Esports. This has some pros and cons when it comes to choosing the right place to bet on Esports. These older betting sites tend to have a wider array of payment options, better customer service and strong licensing, since they’ve been operating longer with traditional sports. However, most Esports specific sites even this out which the extra features and cryptocurrency available to those just looking for Esports.

BetWinner Esports betting sits somewhere in-between these two. They have the extra security and service that comes with an older bookie, but some of the added features that can make the whole experience a lot better.

Interface & Design Crowded By Easy to Use

Esports betting sites can often be a bit messily designed. They can feel like they’re trying very hard to match a ‘gamer’ aesthetic, to the detriment of usability. Since BetWinner offers betting on just about any game or sport this mainly avoids this. The interface of BetWinner is going to be easily recognisable if you’ve used traditional sports bookies. This BetWinner review has to cover how it handles as well as design, as you won’t find any issues here.

The site can be a bit clustered and busy. However, once you get down to actually viewing a single sport or game it is really simple to find whatever you need. One irritation with the sport design is how they group sports together. CS:GO and DOTA 2 are lumped into Esports but Mortal Kombat sits in its own category, this seems like a weird choice. It is possible that the makers of the site are unaware that Mortal Kombat is a game, and instead think it’s an in-person sport full of fatalities. The grouping of one specific fighting game though isn’t the biggest part of this BetWinner review and the website functions perfectly fine despite Mortal Kombat’s category, so this is only a minor irritation.


Bonus Offers & Free Bets Up to €100 in Free Bets with First Deposit

You have a lot of choices out there if you’re looking for a bookmaker, that’s why most offer some good Esports bonuses. These are welcome bonuses that get you in the door, and you can usually expect something pretty generous for your first deposit or bet. The BetWinner bonus isn’t an exception, and you’ll find great offers here.

You can get a welcome BetWinner bonus of us to €100 on your first deposit. This is matched based on what you deposit into the site, depositing 100 will give you an extra 100 to play with! If you’re interested in their casino offers too, they offer a similar deal with gives you free spins and rounds on the games in there with a value going up to €300.

These offers can change pretty fast depending on a lot of different things, so it is always wise to check the exact details of an offer before taking it. Wagering requirements usually mean your free bets have to be used on particular odds.

Terms and Conditions Apply

BetWinner Bonus
100% Deposit, up to €100

Payments A Huge Array of Crypto and eWallets

Most people have come to expect a wide array of payment options, Esports betting with PayPal or card are currently pretty standard. A BetWinner review really has to mention the wealth of options here though. BetWinner offers a staggering amount of payment options, including some so niche you’ve likely never heard of them.

They offer the standard card deposits with Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, with lower than normal minimum requirements. Then there are the E-Wallets, they offer just about all of these that you’d be able to think of, the full list can be found here. Strangely though, they don’t offer PayPal. With so many other options you shouldn’t have a hard time using a different eWallet though. Cryptocurrency Esports betting is a growing market and BetWinner can definitely help you there. They allow deposits in Crypto in 25 different currencies. You’re not limited to the big names, you can use more niche cryptos like Dogecoin, Ripple, and Basic Attention Tokens.

The payments methods offered are really expansive. This applies to withdrawals as well, so you can withdraw your winnings in just as many currencies and ways with BetWinner .


Esports Markets Quality over Quantity of Titles

If you’re looking to bet on Esports, the variety of markets available is important. Esports is a wide field so ideally, you want a bookmaker that covers a lot of different games and genres. At the time of writing, a lot of bookies are expanding their Esports offerings since normal sports are cancelled or delayed. This includes offering FIFA instead of Football, so BetWinner is among others in expanding their markets at the moment. This BetWinner review is going to focus on their full Esports markets though, not the Esports that are temporarily replacing normal sports.

At the moment, they offer betting on the majority of CS: GO, DOTA 2, and Overwatch fixtures. They also offer Rainbow Six and some fighting games, however, these aren’t as expansive as the others.

As well as bets on the overall winner, you can bet on the correct score, maps, and other iterations of scores on certain maps and rounds. This is a really good spread of bets. However, the downside is that they’re more limited in games than other sites despite the variety of markets.

Live Streaming Live Video of Games in Play

Live streaming is a great addition to a lot of different betting sites, it allows you to watch the games as they take place to chart how your bet is doing. This BetWinner review has checked out the live streaming facilities of the site, to make sure it functions as well as it can.

Their live streaming can show the game in progress, while showing you the active markets for the game on the same page. This gives you a great overall experience while watching. The stream itself isn’t as stable as it good be. However, this is kind of true in most Esports bookies. Their quality might not match a direct Twitch stream, but as an added bonus to the site, it works pretty well.

They offer streaming on the majority of Esports games that they offer bets on. This is particularly helpful for live Esports betting or monitoring how a free bet from a BetWinner bonus is going.

Top 3 Bookmakers with Live Betting

Live Stream
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Betting Options
Live Stream
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Betting Options
Live Stream
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Betting Options

Odds and Limits Great Odds on Top Matches

The best Esports betting sites can be really well designed and made, but this is useless if the odds are terrible and the limits are too low to use. BetWinner offers pretty standard odds and you’re unlikely to feel like you’re getting a better deal elsewhere. We checked out their odds for a number of markets against another bookie to see how they compare.

Comparing the exact same match from two bookies can give a good idea of how their odds stand out from the crowd. In a CS: GO game, Betway as a comparison offers 1.9 for sAw and 1.8 for AVEZ. While BetWinner offers 2.29 for sAw and 1.55 for AVEZ. The difference between their odds for sAe put BetWinner ahead by quite a bit, enough to even out them offering slightly worse offs on the opposing team. BetWinner offers some good odds that put them ahead of a lot of the competition.

The maximum return for BetWinner is €600,000. This is a pretty fair limit, and you would have to be betting in pretty large sums to fall afoul of it.

Customer Service Live Chat, Emails, and a Phoneline

Customer service is always important, but particularly when you’re placing larger bets. BetWinner offers some good customer service options. They have an email for complaints or enquires, along with one for feedback. On top of this, they have a phone line, which is always helpful if you’re looking for an answer quickly. Getting in contact is simple via a form on their website, there is even a simple button on the bottom of the page for quick live chat.

Live ChatLive Chat Available
Support Hotline8-800-1009609

Security Licensed in Curacao and Available in Many Places

Security is always a concern when it comes to placing bets. You need to be secure in your knowledge that everything is above board. BetWinner is licensed in Curacao, and fits all of the requirements for a license there. They are licensed in a lot of countries, for example esports betting in the Philippines is available, but the UK and USA are two places where they don’t currently operate. In the USA, this might be down to Esports betting not being legal in all states. If you’re located there, fantasy Esports betting like those from DraftKings might be the better choice. The UK does have legalized Esports gambling, and some of the loosest gambling restrictions, so the lack of a license there isn’t as simple. BetWinner is available in most of Europe though.

You can be confident that BetWinner is safe since they hold a high level of trust from independent assessors.


Conclusion Final Recommendations about BetWinner Esports service

BetWinner is a well-made Esports betting site that offers a lot of different ways to play. This BetWinner review has to address some flaws though, there are some layouts issues and the lack of PayPal is irritating; These are more irritations than anything else though. If you’re looking for a bookmaker to make watching your favourite Esports matches a little more exciting, the variety of bonus offers, payment methods, and live streaming make BetWinner a great one to use.

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