Esports betting is a global phenomenon, but some countries have taken the momentum to step up further than others. In the Philippines, just like in China and South Korea, the esports market is simply huge and so esports betting has grown with it. So, today we will explain a bit about the details of Esports betting Philippines.

Is esports betting legal in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a country with certain local restrictions on esports betting. However, this has not been an issue that has completely blocked gambling within the Asian country based on its laws.

The truth of the matter is that a separate entity has been created to internally regulate esports betting due to the popularity boom within the country. It is known as PEsO (Philippine Esports Organization) and has been in place since 2012.

This entity has been in charge of creating several of the policies that currently govern esports betting Philippines, although, over the years, this has gained some flexibility, even allowing the creation of teams and tournaments in this area within the country.

The best thing about this is the existence of betting houses such as GGbet, Bet365 Philippines, and Unikrn. These meet all the requirements of the law and are also quite attractive companies for local bettors.

Top Betting Site in the Philippines

Favorite esports to bet on in the Philippines

With a great variety of games, there also comes a variety of games to go with. However, the numbers have allowed us to see which esports titles are the favorite esports within this Asian country.

The first of them is Dota 2. The game is not only the most popular within the Philippines bettors but it is also the most important game in general due to the amount of merchandise and marketing made around it.

On the other hand, the game that comes closest to the standards created by Dota is its eternal rival: League of Legends. Betting on LoL ranks second in the list of favorites as it has a large number of daily bets around the big tournaments.

The last game, and not the least important one, is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is positioned third in popularity within the country and day after day its betting pool is growing. It gains even more popularity when big tournaments are sponsored due to the increase of available CSGO bets.

Esports betting philippines

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Best esports teams and tournaments in the Philippines

In general, the most famous tournaments within the Philippines are usually the same as those known internationally, with a few local and regional events added.

Dota 2

The favorite title for esports betting Philippines is followed at all times. Also, the people of this country have managed to create their own tournaments to cheer to.

However, the position of the most important tournament in this game is held by The International, the most famous and eye-catching tournament in the world. It is closely followed by ESL One which is held year after year looking for the best talent from around the world.

Last but not least, the Moonlight Clash is a Philippine tournament that shakes the Dota 2 betting markets. This is one of the most important and eye-catching tournaments in the country for Dota 2 fans.

On the other hand, the best local teams in this game are:

  • TNC Predator,
  • Mineski,
  • Execration.

League of Legends

The giant of Riot Games is one of the most important games within the Philippine community and with it, so are their tournaments. As expected, the tournament that most attracts the attention of all bettors is the League of Legends World Championship.

However, there is a tournament that follows it closely. We are talking about the League of Legends Championship Series that serves as a prelude to the big annual event that is taking place right now.

Finally, the most important tournament at the Asian level is the League of Legends Asia Championship and the Philippines are no exception in being attracted by such a tournament.

Three LoL teams with great esports odds are:

  • ArkAngel
  • Liyab Esports
  • Steel Wolves Gaia


The last game on the list is CSGO. The game has gained worldwide fame and has expanded its horizons to the Asian giant over time. This has made the Philippine community feel attracted to the game and also to its tournaments.

In that order, the most important tournament of CSGO is one quite known worldwide: ESL One. The tournament hosts several games and Counter-Strike is probably the most important one on its roaster. On the other hand, it is closely followed by the CSGO Major League that has several deliveries a year depending on the season we are in.

Finally, the Intel Extreme Masters Asia is quite striking around the Philippine community, because usually converges the best teams in Asia allowing fans to support more local teams.

As for the best teams we have:

  • Mineski
  • Execration
  • Pacific Esports

Local teams and esports companies in the Philippines

Some of the most outstanding teams in the Philippines have been born out of their favorite game: Dota 2. It is known for having more than 15 official registered teams that seek to constantly participate in the most important tournaments held year after year, the most outstanding of which is undoubtedly Mineski followed closely by TNC in its various presentations (they have several teams for other games as well).

These have had a boom in popularity although they have not reached a great rank at the international level. The potential of Philippine teams in this world remains to be seen.

Finally, the companies Mineski Philippines, Tier One Entertainment and Gariath Concepts have been in charge of promoting the esports industry in the Philippines. Mineski has created coffee-shops to promote esports, Tier One is one of the main esports channels and Gariath is one of the country’s leading event creators.

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Available betting markets in Philippines

Each game has unique ways to allow players to create their bets. However, there are a couple of options that are quite prominent in each of the most popular games for Philippines esports betting. Among the markets you find in bookmakers like 22bet Philippines are:

Dota 2 Betting Markets

  • Result of a game
  • Events within the game
  • Result of a game determining an advantage
  • Tournament Winner

LoL Betting Markets

  • First Blood
  • Biggest Murder Row
  • Number of towers knocked down
  • Winning Team

CSGO Betting Markets

  • Total shots to the head
  • Total rounds played
  • Winner of the round
  • Total number of maps used

Accepted payment methods in the Philippines

The most important thing when choosing a site to bet on is to evaluate the payment options. Although we already mentioned a couple like Unikrn others keep a special space due to their facilities.

Payment methods usually changed based on your location, but there is no need to worry about payment restrictions as local laws don’t discard payment methods for international parties of the esports industry in the Philippines. Among payment options you will find the usual:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bank transfers
  • Electronic wallets
  • Debit or credit cards

These methods, along with their ease and security, allow players to choose more options when making a payment or withdrawing their money. If necessary, players can also choose esports bookmakers such as Arcanebet, Bet365 Philippines, and 22bet Philippines as alternatives to make a bet thanks to their varied payment methods.