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Our review of the Mr Green esports betting service should hopefully give you a good idea of what you could get if you signed up to their site. But we are on the look-out for plenty of opinions from real esports betting fans so that we can provide a much broader range of views on Mr Green. Be sure to let us know whether you think Mr Green is worthy of the hype, but also make sure that you let us know if you think that Mr Green should be avoided. You can even write you own review of the brand so that other gaming fans can see whether or not they should sign up to the Mr Green esports betting service.
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Even if you just post a quick comment on our Mr Green review page, it will welcomed by the many other gamers who are keen to see what this bookmaker is all about. So regardless of whether you agree or disagree with our verdict on Mr Green, be sure to post your comments and let the world know what you think about their esports odds.


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Esports betting is a relatively recent phenomenon and there’s always something new to enjoy. From new dedicated esports betting sites, to some incredible sign up offers, it can sometimes be tricky to keep up with all of the latest news and promotions. Whilst we like to think that we offer a broad and comprehensive esports betting resource, there is always the danger that we might occasionally miss out on an intriguing new development. So this is why we are always keen to hear from real esports betting fans so that we can stay on top of the situation. Is there a great esports betting site that we haven’t featured yet? Or do you disagree with one of our reviews of a bookmaker’s welcome bonus promotion? Be sure to let us know what you think so that we can include a broad range of opinions about everything to do with esports betting. You don’t necessarily have to write a long review, as even something like a short and honest comment can do a lot in helping other gamers find the perfect esports bet. So don’t forget to join our esports betting community and let everyone know your opinions.

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