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We found to be a fascinating esports betting exchange and we think that there will be plenty of gamers out there who will be keen to see what trading esports bets is all about. This is why we are asking all gamers to let us know their experiences of using the esports betting exchange so that we can provide a well-balanced picture of this brand.

Did you find that made it easy to come up with your esports odds? Or did you find that their esports betting exchange was a touch too complicated? By writing your own reviews, you will help all other esports fans see whether or not they should sign up to’s services. Just remember that your reviews don’t have to be too long, just make sure that you give us a fair and honest picture of what are all about.

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There’s nothing like an honest user review of an esports betting site to show how their services really work in action. Whilst we put plenty of time into creating our review, we are always keen to see whether real-life gamers agree or disagree with our opinions.

Who is the best esports betting site?

Of course, there are plenty of other great esports betting sites out there apart from We think that we have gathered together a pretty good shortlist of bookmakers who take esports bets, but we are always on the look out for more promising sites.

This is why we are calling on you to let us know if there is an esports betting site out there who we may have missed off our shortlist. Or even if there is a betting site review here that you disagree with, then be sure to let us know by posting your comments or even writing your own short review.

The same thing applies to esports betting promotions. Is there an esports bonus that you think represents great value for money, or is there a sign up offer that you think is a total rip-off? It’s only by writing your own reviews of these promotions that other gamers are going to know which deals to check out and which special offers to avoid. So join our cause to see who the best in the business really is.

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