Na’vi Signs electronic: Will He Save Them?

Published on: 08/11/2017

Last Monday (11.6.17) the CIS team Natus Vincere signed Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov from FlipSid3 Tactics, exchanging their own player Denis ‘seized’ Kostin in return.

After a bad run of form resulting in a lack of major event invitations, compounded by the departure of their star AWPer ‘Guardian’, the signing of Sharipov has provided a sense of hope for both Na’vi and their fans.

Na’vi Signs electronic: Will He Save Them?

Denis ‘electronic’ SharipovDenis ‘electronic’ Sharipov

19 year-old Russian, Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov’s, has impressed at FlipSid3 Tactics, playing as a rifler since September of 2016. His key achievements include winning last January’s DreamHack Leipzig, alongside various successes in other majors.

His 1.26 rating on HLTV is another indicator of Sharipov’s talent, which is higher than that of Seized – the player he is set to replace. It is also the highest score in the current FlipSid3 roster.

Denis ‘seized’ KostinDenis ‘seized’ Kostin

Na’vi has been almost completely inactive due to not having a full functioning roster, after releasing ‘Guardian’ and putting ‘S1mple’ as their new main AWPer. the team was almost always losing games to teams who they were supposed to beat. A lot of the criticism both from audience and professional analyzers were pointing at ‘seized’, for not contributing enough for the team, and after a couple of months, the decision was made to turn him inactive until further notice.

But with the new signing of ‘electronic’ Na’vi has decided to loan ‘seized’ to FlipSid3 in order to fill the spot of the missing player until January 2018. He has yet to play any games but since there isn’t a major difference in geography and gameplay tactics between the 2 teams, it looks like he will find his place quickly enough.

Reception From Audience

Although FlipSid3 fans are not too keen on having their star player being replaced by someone who was disappointing lately, fans of Na’vi are more than glad to welcome the rising star into the squad, hoping he will bring back the former glory of the once award-winning team.

A lot of neutral experts are also waiting to see what ‘electronic’ can do, mostly because during his time at Flipsid3, where it seemed like he was at a higher level than the rest of his team. Whether he will shine more when playing with or against players of the same level is certainly up for debate.


Ultimately though, it will be interesting to watch both electronic and seized in their new teams. Do you feel like the trade was a good move? Let us know in the comments below!

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