23savage first to break the 12K MMR barrier as he looks for a new team

23savage just announced he broke the 12,000 MMR barrier. He is finally the first player to break an MMR milestone after being 2nd to 11k and 20th to 10k MMR. This latest notch pushes the boundary for players once again.

This comes only a week after he announced his free agency, and looking for a new team in his pursuit for a chance at the TI10 trophy.

23savage 12K MMR Milestone

In DOTA 2, Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is the number value assigned to you, as you play ranked games. It increases and decreases depending on how well you perform. Extremely high levels of MMR are mostly a showcase of players ability to have amazing win/loss ratios and to simply show off. Everything above the 10,000MMR mark is largely populated by Dota 2 Pro Players or aspiring PROs.

Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon has just hit the new peak MMR milestone of 12,000. In the past, he was one of the first two players to break through 11K MMR and quickly suppressed 10,000 too. To to cap it all off, he is currently a free agent.

The legendary carry has had a quiet start to 2021, only being a substitute for BOOM Esports down at DPC S1 SEA. It seems he substituted all the glory of pro-play with a good MMR grind to be the first ever player reaching 12k MMR. For all his glory, has had a bad run at finding a home over the past year. First a short stay with the Fnatic, followed by not even playing a single game for Vici Gaming before getting dropped also.

It seems his recent stay at BOOM Esports has come to an end as well, as he publicly stated hes out for a new home and willing to relocate.

Most fingers point towards Team OG after their bad run at DreamLeague Season 14, but there are hints OG.Ana might be coming a comeback soon, leaving all options up in the air. Regardless, a high profile team is likely picking up 23savage sooner rather then later.

Are MMR Milestones Still a Big Deal?

DOTA’s MMR Milestones have been something of a shifting window for some time. The goalposts are often moved, as players continue to surpass previous expectations. Some have wondered if 10k MMR was still much of a big deal, this is thrown a bit out of the window with this huge achievement. The first few players to cross over into 11,000 only occurred late this year. This new achievement blows that completely out of the water, kind of giving confirmation that the previous goalposts have been left in the dust.

There are sure to be new MMR barriers for players to break. After going through 11-12K milestones in such a short space of time, we’ll probably see 23savage break into the next barrier sooner or later. The goal posts might always be moving with DOTA 2’s MMR, but players are always improving to facilitate this.

23Savage’s huge MMR milestone also sets a new standard for this type of achievement in DOTA 2. What’s even more surprising though is that he isn’t currently on a team, technically making him the first non-pro player to break an MMR milestone. He also managed to dethrone Abed Azel L. Yusop who was the first player to hit the previous two milestones.

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