A deep dive into the 2020 LEC Spring Playoffs

It’s that fun time in the season when G2 and FNC fans try outspam each other in Twitch chat. The LEC Playoffs are here. After eight weeks of competition (Week 9 doesn’t count), the top six European teams are set to battle for the ultimate achievement in the LEC. Being told: “They are what peak League of Legends looks like.”

We are about to break down each match-up from Round 1 to Finals and make some wild assumptions along the way. Our predictions might age like fine wine, or we might end up wearing Ocelote’s clown costume. One thing is certain, we are in for a hell of a ride.

TL:DR FNC will be the 2020 LEC Spring Champions

A deep dive into the 2020 LEC Spring Playoffs

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Bracket Breakdown

The convoluted bracket rules can not stop us from 5head-ing the entire Playoffs run. We start with Round 1 and everything beyond by “predicting” the Winners and moving onward. First up, G2 versus MAD Lions.

The G2 roster does not seem as convincing as last year but are still the super team of Europe. When matching up against MAD Lions they pretty much outperform in every single lane match-up. MAD’s only win condition is Wunder picking something stupid in lane and donating a victory over. Even if MAD wins every early game in this series, they are not likely to close out the match-up more then once at best. Hence, G2 3 – 1 MAD Lions

Next up, we have a repeat of the Spring 2019 Round 3 match-up between Fnatic and Origen. Last time OG absolutely wrecked FNC and secured their tickets into the Finals. This time, FNC is the better looking team sporting the faster play-style and the tricky sleeve picks. OG has almost turned into what FNC was last year. Slow, methodical, measured and highly predictable.

FNC’s win conditions are simple. Don’t let Hylissang and Bwipo INT the series into oblivion and you are off to the next stage. OG on the other hand, needs to force those INTers into mistakes and Alphari is the player in the spotlight. In the end, Fnatic is the team that should come on top in a 3-1 or 3-2 series.

Finally, we have the Losers’ match-up between Rogue and Misfits. This one is a tad trickier to predict, as it comes down to who prepared better. Rogue has had Misfits number twice this split, but MSF outperformed Rogue overall. Pound-for-Pound, Rogue has better performing laners then Misfits in every lane except Mid. So we will go ahead and give the series to RGE, although without full confidence.

So far we got G2, FNC and Rogue moving forward, MAD dropping into Round 2 and OG into Round 3.

Everything beyond this point is 5head.

Theoretical Realm

Alright, first up MAD Lions meet Rogue in Round 2. They end up playing this drawn out series where Hans Sama plays Draven and wins a game for Rogue, but then MAD ban it, and Carzzy dominates the match-up to bring MAD to match point. The decider is a clown fiesta and MAD Lions wins it, moving on and meet Origen in Round 3.

Guilhoto already knew MAD would win cause he knows stuff, giving Origen a whole week to just prepare for MAD Lions. They bring out the cheese in games 1 and 2 to completely break MAD’s mental and continue to take the series 3-0. This of course makes Mithy and GrabbZ go mental about this newfound Origen style.

Meanwhile, Fnatic and G2 are all about their Winner Bracket match-up, which of course goes to G2 with a 3-1 scoreline. G2 had more time to prepare as they watched what FNC did versus Origen. FNC now has to meet Origen once more in a do-or-die scenario for reaching Finals.

FNC repeats that winning formula versus OG once again in an even “epic-er” series making Quickshot yell: “Are you not entertained” even louder. Casters lose their mind as FNC and G2 are set to meet in the Finals.

The Finals are the pinnacle of competitive League of Legends. Medic loses his mind and Vedius quits his job. FNC uberstomps G2 and becomes the 2020 LEC Spring Split Champions.

The bracket looks like this:

A deep dive into the 2020 LEC Spring Playoffs

Where do you think we messed up?


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