A new Rocket League Championship Series is coming

The RCLS is nothing new – since 2016, the series has seen many talented competitors, epic battles, and memorable moments – but now its creators want to change things up. The first and most nominal change is the prize pool.

Players will be duking it out for a total of $4.5million USD – that’s one of the bigger prize pools in the esports world. Then there’s the name – the new iteration of the RLCS will be called RLCS X – and it will be quite different from what you’re used to!

RLCS X Rocket League

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A new RLCS format

Along with a new name and increased prize pool, the tournament will be moving away from the traditional League play format and its bi-annual seasons. Instead, it will be an event-based circuit that ends in a yearly Rocket League World Championship.

The circuit will be broken into three splits – fall, winter, and spring. Each of the three splits will again be broken into six regional events – three in Europe, three in North America. Each of the three regionals will follow a slightly different format – fall, winter, and spring will have 32, 24, and 20 teams participating respectively.

The prize pool will be split for each of the events in the series – even the smallest regional tournaments will still have a prize pool of $100.000 each – the World Championship alone will be paying out a million of the overall prize pool.

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The Fall Split

So far, further details have only been released about one of the three splits – the fall. Each of the three will be following its own format, and details for the other two will be released closer to their respective starts.

For now, we know that the Fall Split will be held online, and feature 32 teams in two brackets of 16 each. The top 8 teams respectively will move to the second round – and the top 8 teams of the second round will compete in a single-elim competition leading up to the determination of the winner.

As for how this ties into the World Championship – each event will grant points that will be key for teams to qualify for the WCS. 16 teams total will be able to qualify – six from Europe, six from Noth America, and two from South America and Oceania respectively.

Specific tournament circuits for these two regions are still in the planning phase – we don know that they will have their own point systems and larger prize pools than ever before.

The Grid

If that wasn’t enough for you, the RLCS is going to be featuring another big event – the newly founded tournament circuit ‘The Grid’. This weekly circuit will have top teams battling for Grid Points – those grant prize money, better seeds, and spots at major events.

There will be nine weekly tournaments in the circuit for each of the three splits – additionally, players will earn a section of a prize pool of $10.000 per region. Awards will depend on the amount of points earned.

The 16 teams that will be participating in the event will be the ones that last qualified in previous RLCS and Rival Series qualification events, but participation in future splits will depend on other factors.

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