eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series Signs Deal With MAVTV

Motorsport games have seen a big increase in interest during recent times. As a matter of fact, with many ‘real’ sports leagues out for the count, organizers and fans turned to esports events instead. This drew a number of new fans to various esports events – among them racing games like the eNASCAR Heat Pro League, the Assetto Corsa Competizione, and other iRacing events.

eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series Signs Deal With MAVTV



Even esports fantasy leagues got a big uptick – providers like Draftkings esports offered brand new fantasy leagues to pick from, eNASCAR DFS users eagerly took them up on the offer. And now, the new wave of interest is washing even further and brokering new deals in the esports industry.

One such recent deal is the one signed between MAVTV and the eNASCAR Heat Pro League Series. Starting on June 21st, the two partnered in order to bring eNASCAR events to the MAVTV show line-up. Additionally to the TV coverage on MAVTV, coverage of the event will also be available on Motorsport.tv and on eNASCAR.com.

For the next few months, viewers will have regular access to the 90-minute race highlight reels from the Heat Pro League. MAVTV will additionally also run commentaries and hold competitor interviews to compliment the best race moments – in other words, motorsport games are about to see a major move in the direction of TV coverage!

Like a ‘real’ sport

For some time, there was a gap between traditional sports coverage and esports coverage by TV channels in that there was none of the latter. This has since changed, and it’s deals like the one between MAVTV and the eNASCAR Heat Pro League series that bring about change.

In this particular deal, people like Russell Cox, Hannah Newhouse (a former NASCAR reporter and race car driver) and Adam Mackey will be commentating and calling the action. That this is happening for the eNASCAR Heat Pro League is a big deal – now entering season 2, it was the first-ever NASCAR league for gaming consoles that made its way into esports.

Teams like Hendrick Motorsports GC, Team Penske eSports and Gibbs Gaming have selected a total of 28 top racers to represent them in the eNASCAR series this season. The prize money isn’t bad either. Winners will have the chance to walk away with over $200.000 dollars.

Match made in heaven

MAVTV is the perfect partner for the eNASCAR Heat Pro League – it’s the only US cable channel dedicated only to motorsports. It’s the perfect environment for a popular iRacing series to reach even more new audiences.

“State of the art graphics, combined with real-world competition during Season 1 of the eNASCAR Heat Pro League saw some of the best gamers go head-to-head, and brought throngs of viewers to our gaming broadcasts,” said Dmitry Kozko, CEO, Motorsport Games, the makers of the eNASCAR game.

Additionally,  Jon Duff the Head of Content at MAVTV stated:

“Season 1 of the eNASCAR Heat Pro League was a huge success and we believe Season 2 will be just as popular, especially with the release of the new NASCAR Heat 5 video game coming later this year. Because of this, we’ve partnered with Motorsport Games to bring NASCAR fans of all ages the type of esports racing content they’ll be excited to watch.”

This year is shaping up to be the biggest year in iRacing and Motosport Games to date.

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