DraftKings launches DFS on eNASCAR contests

With more and more sports moving partially or completely to esports at the moment, it’s no wonder that NASCAR is doing the same. Already, some sports have taken to launching virtual leagues to replace cancelled or postponed events – among them, the MotoGP and F1 league.

Now NASCAR is next – and DraftKings is participating too. At the moment, DraftKings is already offering a NASCAR draft fantasy league – this new series of contests is not affecting that though. You’ll still be able to play your fantasy league games as you like.

And if you are reading from the United States, you must know that DraftKings is completely legal because Fantasy Esports is not considered to be a traditional esports betting site in the USA.

DraftKings eNASCAR: The New Addition

In addition to that though, you’ll also be able to watch and bet on eNASCAR races. If you don’t know what to expect, don’t worry – DraftKings Esports have already released some details. You can expect to see your favourite NASCAR drivers competing in virtual races – a simulation of the competitions they are supposed to be in.

DraftKings eNASCAR dfs

The players will be joining from their homes or individual locations to make sure that everyone involved is staying safe. Now, based on similar events in other sports, we already know some of what to expect – and that’s a lot of hilarious moments.

We know that real-life racing skills don’t always translate to virtual skills – events in F1 and the MotoGP have more than proven that. Still, there is a lot of fun to be had in watching these events and guessing just how well the racers are going to do.

The DraftKings system

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The eNASCAR contests are going to use the same rules and scoring systems that regular events do. In addition, participating in the DraftKings events is going to afford players the opportunity to win as well – specifically, to win DK Dollars.

This virtual currency acts just like real cash, and you can use it to participate in the fantasy contests on DraftKings. It’s not restricted to the eNASCAR contests either – if you like what’s happening, you can take part in any of the daily fantasy contests on the site. You can’t withdraw the DK dollars from your balance, but you can still use them to take part in events as you like!

With more and more sports moving to the virtual realm, you can expect a lot of good stuff in the next few weeks.

The eNASCAR competitions are free to take part in – the reward for winning are, as mentioned, DK Dollars. It’s a fun (and free) way to get in on the action a little – and to feel like you’re participating in the events rather than just sitting at home watching!

With so many regular events and thus betting opportunities on them cancelled, this is a great alternative for fans to stay engaged – and it’s an opportunity for new fans to discover a passion! Esports are currently one of the most active types of sport out there – and they’re about to become even more accessible with the new DraftKings eNASCAR games ready to go.

Throughout the month of April you can participate in the DraftKings Esports Achievements where you will have to overcome a series of challenges to get rewarded.

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