DraftKings embraces CS:GO fantasy esports

Last week, DraftKings announced the move of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive into their daily fantasy esports game roster. The premier global FPS title, is finally getting a spot with the provider following a boom in esport related interest. The DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports rules for CS:GO are pretty straightforward, and should resonate with most casual or not so casual players.

DraftKings embraces CS:GO fantasy esports

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CS:GO is making a huge entrance in the fantasy and betting markets in the USA. Only recently has esports made a legal entry into the fantasy and betting markets, after the 2018 Supreme Court Decision, finally allowed sports betting to be slowly allowed within the US. A recent ruling by the Nevada Gaming Comission put CS:GO into the spotlight by allowing bookmakers to create esports related markets on ESL Pro League Season 11.

The entry of esports onto these markets has been slow and DraftKings esports was at the forefront of it all. The entry of CSGO Fantasy follows similar guidelines used by Rocket League and League of Legends which are also on DK’s offer.

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DraftKings CS:GO Guide

Daily Fantasy Sports for CS:GO will consist of a scoring bracket based on player and squad performance. Friday, March 27th was the first day of CS:GO DFS, where players could build their lineups and compete. All lineups were consisted of six players and a captain spot.

The Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) are set to grow exponentially as people slowly realize CS:GO is finally on offer at DraftKings.

If you are new to Fantasy Sports check out our evolving esports fantasy guide. Additionally, DraftKings posted their own tutorial to get newcomers up to speed on how to master CS:GO Daily Fantasy Sports. And if CS: GO is not enough for you, you must know that Rocket League Fantasy is also available.

Draftkings CS:GO DFS Scoring

Let’s hope you are following so far, are now ready to get into CS:GO Fantasy Sports. Lets assume you also follow CS:GO or at least can look at some basic stats and figure out which players are worth it.

Specific strategies and scoring methods are used to determine best performers. Some of the crucial things to take into account when creating your line-up is the team captain selection and potential clutch players.

The scoring is determined as follows:

DraftKings CS:GO DFS Scoring

Based on the above scoring charts, some easy “best performers” spring to mind. Players like S1mple, device, KRIMZ and Ropz can be set as Team Captains to net massive points. Furthermore, clutch players like electronic, karrigan or flusha would net solid results on any clutch or multikill situation. Finally, every B site CT keeper would usually find themselves in ACE situations and net easy 5 points.

Overall, keep good track of how each player performs. If you master your CS:GO you will master the Fantasy portion easily.

Last but not least, CS:GO fantasy esports is a great alternative for esports betting in USA. Also, you get get rewarded by participating at the DraftKings Esports Achievements.

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