AIC 2021 – Arena of Valor holds biggest tournament to date

Arena of Valor is approaching one of its biggest tournaments to date. The Arena of Valor International Championship 2021 is going to running from November, with international teams competing to crown the top squad in the world. There will be a $1 million prize pool for the AIC 2021, the biggest yet for the game. This is a great show of strength for the popularity of mobile games, but it is also going to be the last of its kind.

Arena of Valor has been a real success story for mobile esports, building up a competitive scene that is one of the biggest for a mobile title. Traditional sports teams have even entered into the game. However, the game has been divided in a strange way though, with a different name and content in different regions. All of that is going to come to an end soon though, as Arena of Valor is unifying its competitive scenes across all regions. That’s after the game holds its biggest tournament to date though.

AIC Arena of Valor 2021

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Arena of Valor International Championship – AIC 2021

The AIC 2021 is one of the biggest events for this game to date. This event is being held to commemorate five years since the original release of this game, in October 2016. Fittingly, the prize pool is going to be the biggest since the game’s competitive scene started.

This event is going to be run as an online-only event, taking place November 27 through December 19th. Like a few others in 20221, a digital broadcast and environment will be in use to make it entertaining for viewers still. While an online event isn’t preferable, the international scale of this event makes it a necessity right now.

The event is going to be pitting the top teams from the game against each other, 14 in total are going to be taking part. These are the top teams of the game, so Arena of Valor betting is going to be close for this tournament.

This is how they’re broken up:

Competitors at the AIC 2021

  • Garena Challenge Series (Taiwanese League) – Three teams will qualify.
  • Arena of Glory (Vietnamese League) – Three Teams.
  • RoV Pro League (Thai League) – Three teams.
  • AOV Star League (Indonesian League) – One team.
  • Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines – One team.
  • China – One team.
  • Korea – One team.
  • Japan – One team.

The countries listed without a league are having separate qualifiers run, to find the top teams outside of existing tournaments. The others will get their place at the AIC 2021 from the existing leagues.

What’s Next for Arena of Valor?

The AIC 2021 looks set to be the biggest event for the game yet. However, it marks something of an endpoint for the game. Arena of Valor is going to be seeing some major changes happen to how its competitive league is organized following this tournament. So, the AIC is both an anniversary celebration, and the last tournament for the game in its current form. Following this, Arena of Valor is going to be reorganized for its competitive scene.

Going forward, the game is going to be organized to have a more equal focus on western regions alongside its current major markets. This is a reflection of the growing popularity of the game, and mobile esports in general, in western regions. The new format for the game is going to bring all versions of the title in line. It will unify Arena of Valor with Honor of Kings, ironing out the differences that have, until now, kept the game divided.

As a send-off for the original version of the game, The AIC 2021 looks fitting. Featuring the biggest prize pool and a world-spanning roster of teams, this competition could be said to be finding the best player of this version of the game.