Miya and aMSa dominate at returning Apex Smash Bros 2022 event

Apex is one of the biggest Smash Bros tournaments, at times even surpassing EVO to be the biggest event for the game.

The tournament finally came back from a 6-year hiatus for Apex 2022 between Nov 18-20. Back from the controversial organizers that lead to Apex’s lengthy absence, it featureed multiple different Smash Bros games, going past just Melee and Ultimate. It’s was the final gold event for the Smash World Tour, before we get to the finals of that tournament.

Amsa Apex 2022

Events at Apex 2022 & Key Performers

This “old” event had some dramatic troubles in the past, but got new leadership nowadays and might be making a bit of a comeback in the Smash Bros scene. The Apex 2022 tournament is the first since 2016, and the only the second since their disastrous 2015 event. Across all of the tournaments, there’s just under $20,000 in prize money at stake.

These are all of the events that’ll be at the tournament:

Miya storms Smash Ultimate at Apex 2022

Despite the game leaving active development quite a while ago, this is going to be the first time it has featured at Apex thanks to a six-year break. The tournament is part of the Smash World Tour. It’s got the biggest prize pool for the weekend with $9,105 for singles and $1,520 for doubles.

Some of the top players were attending, although DreamHack Atlanta pulled a few away. Light, Tweek, Dabuz, and Zomba were be in attendance, but it was Miya’s dominance all the way.

Smash Melee 

The Melee tournament was the main event at Apex 2022. This is the part of Smash Bros where the organizers have previously held the record for the biggest tournament. This time around, there were just under 500 players attending in singles. A Gold tier event for the SWT, alongside offering a prize pool of $6,915 for singles and $1,560 for doubles.

There was some pretty high-level talent attending here, hoping to get one more major win in before the year’s end. Some of the biggest players included: Zain, iBDW, Hungrybox, Jmook, and aMSa. The last one listed, was our champion, bringing Japan both the Melee and Ultimate trophies in a single event. Zain and Hungrybox were runner-ups.

amsa apex smash 2022

Smash Brawl, Wii U and Smash 64 at Apex 2022

Brawl is the black sheep of the Smash Bros family, but it’s also the title that got Apex their start in the game. This was the smallest prize pool at $255 and only a singles tournament. However, if anyone’s missed seeing Meta Knights fight it out, you were in for a treat.

Smash for Wii U might not as controversial as Brawl, but the title doesn’t get a lot of love since ultimate released. The fully-fledged Smash for Wii U tournament with 58 players in attendance, saw “Chris “reflection” C showcase his Bayonetta as expected.

Smash 64 was the final one of the lighter side events at Apex 2022. Played in both singles and doubles, with a prize of $580 for the singles, Kyle “KD3” DiFrank won the singles trophy, while his runner-up Lowww and his partner HAMMERHEART took the doubles trophy.

Overall, it was an extremely fun weekend, with Japanese players taking the trophies in both key events. We cant wait for Apex 2023 to be even bigger.