Amuka Esports acquires tournament organizer Incendium Gaming

The Canada fighting tournament community has gotten a little bigger recently, as two major organizers have merged to combine and extended their resources in bringing you major tournaments. Amuka Esports has acquired another big name in the community, bringing Incendium on-board. This makes Amuka one of the largest organizers of fighting esports titles in Canada, and definitely a name to keep an eye out for if you’re looking for big fighting game events.

Amuka Incendium Gaming

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Amuka Esports

Amuka esports is a major organizer of fighting game tournaments. They organize events for all of the major fighting games out there. At the moment they’re holding top-level tournaments for Tekken, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Across 2019, Amuka Esports hosted 16 events across Canada. This included events like Tekken World Tour Challenge and Campcom Pro Tour. These are some of the biggest events for the biggest and most prevalent fighting games around at the moment. The latest acquisition will allow the team to branch out into even more Canadian cities and bring more competitive fighting events there.

Joining together with other Esports organizers is increasing the scope for Amuka’s activities. Their CEO Ben Feferman explained the benefit of the merger as: “The Incendium team exude a passion and love for fighting games that is infectious and their events create an energy that I’ve never seen before. We are so excited to be working with Vince Drew, and Roshawn in creating more world-class events.”.

Incendium Gaming

Incedium Gaming are another competitive fighting organizer, but a little more niche in their approach. They hosted events in Toronto primarily. Their events included those for publishers Bandi Namco and Capcom. Ofcourse, this lines up pretty well with the roster of the games that Amuka Esports currently covers.

The co-founder of Incendium gaming said about the merger “ My whole life I’ve had a passion for fighting games and sharing that passion with friends. So when we started Incendium, the goal was always to build the best possible community that careered to our loyal fighters while creating a welcoming environment for new gamers. Being part of the Amuka Esports eco-system will give us the ability to strengthen our current line-up events and expand to new markets we weren’t able to be in before”.

Incendium gaming isn’t going to be changing its direction, it’ll still be focused on fighting game events. However, this new merger gives the organizers the opportunity to do a lot more with these events. You can expect them to be bigger in scope and reach a larger audience.

What Does This Merger Mean?

For Canadian Esports fans, this merger means more and bigger events coming soon. Incedium Gaming are primarily based in Toronto. So, this merges is definitely going to make events easier to hold all over. You can events bigger in scope for competitive fighting games.

These events will be focused on core fighting titles, the Esports games that really get people excited. You can find their matches on Twitch covering the hottest fighting games, even if you can’t make it to any local events.

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