AoV International Championship 2021 – Quarterfinals Match Predictions

Arena of Valor is a mobile game that has become of the biggest in esports. At the moment, the Arena of Valor International Championship 2021 is taking place. This event is bringing together the world’s top teams. This is the fifth World Championship event, but this year is bigger than ever. The prize pool is up to a staggering $1,000,000.

There will be 14 teams taking part from various regions, but only the best will make it through to the finals. This is what’s happened so far at the AoV International Championship 2021 and what you can expect from the next round.

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AoV International Championship 2021

The AoV International Championship 2021 is one of the biggest events for the game to date. Naturally, this means the format is a bit more complicated than what players might be used to from the game. The tournament is being held online with teams competing at home. It kicked off at the end of November, beginning the 27th. However, a full winner isn’t going to found until December 19th. This is what’s going to be happening:

The event began with a group stage. It saw 14 teams competing in two groups of 7. Matches were played in best of 2 in a single-round robin. The top four teams moved forward to the Knockout stage. The Knockout is played in a double elimination bracket outside of the finals. Round 1 is played in best of 5 before moving to best of 7.

Arena of Valor International Championship 2021 Schedule

AoV International Championship so Far

So far, the AoV International Championship has already worked its way into the final stages. The group stages saw quite a few teams get knocked out though. Within these stages, V Gaming had one of the most impressive runs. They took all 6 games, not dropping a single point in the matches. In the second group, One Team came pretty close to matching this perfect run, but didn’t quite manage a clean swap. It is V Gaming that looked the strongest, but both these teams are entering as the leaders so far.

The Knockout stage is beginning soon with a number of tense matches. This is what’s coming soon at the AoV International Championship:

Knockout Stage Predictions (Quarterfinals)

The Knockout and finals for the tournament are about to get under way. A few teams have really shown themselves to be leading the crowd so far. If you’re looking at Arena of Valor betting, then there are some predictions you can make based the esports betting odds that are currently available and how teams have fared so far.

The first match of the Knockout is going to be V Gaming up against Valencia CF eSports. V Gaming are the clear favourites here, being a good team to watch to win the whole event.  The next game is going to be Saigon Phantom and Buriram United Esports. This one looks to be quite a bit closer in odds, but Saigon look to be poking ahead here.

The third match for this round is One Team against MAD Team, followed by dtac Talon Esports against Hong Kong Attitude. One Team are likely to take the win in their round, but dtac against Hong Kong definitely feels closer. This is probably going to be the tightest match of this early round, so it is one to keep an eye.

dtac Talon Esports vs HKAHKA to win@ 2.35
ONE Team vs MAD TeamCorrect score 3:0@ 2.2

V Gaming definitely seem like the standout team for the whole event. However, you’re going to have to watch how these playoffs develop for a better idea of what the final standings are going to be look like. While some teams have put themselves ahead so far, there is plenty of room for surprises right now.