Apex Legends Mobile Beta Launches Next Week – Everything We Know

Apex Legends has grown considerably since its launch with its esports scene becoming bigger than ever. The game is about to take its next leap forward though with the launch of the Apex Legends Mobile beta. This early access is going to be releasing next week allowing players to get hands on experience with the mobile version of the Battle Royale. This game has the potential to tap into the fast-growing mobile esports market.

The Apex Legends mobile beta should be available starting next week February 28th.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta

Apex Legends Mobile Beta

The Apex Legends Mobile beta has just been announced and it’s coming sooner than a lot of players might have expected. The first closer beta was in a few countries last year, but a much wider beta is about to launch next week. The game is going to have a limited regional launch in 10 countries. This is going to be for free, and available on both iOS and Android. While only some countries are getting the beta, this going to be pretty wide in terms of who can access it.

These are counties included in the Apex Legends mobile beta:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • The Philippines
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Colombia

These countries will be able to play the game during this early beta. This time around India is missing from the list, although they were previously involved in past early access periods.

Apex Legends Mobile is being developed by Respawn. They’ve not given much more information on the roadmap to release for the title. This initial closed beta is going to get some feedback for how the game is going so far. If it goes well, we might see a wider release pretty soon.

The game is going to be on both major mobile operating systems. Along with having relatively low requirements for a phone’s specs for download. This is going to make the beta pretty widely available to those who want to take part. Even if you’re not in the right region, players can give things a go with a VPN if they’re willing to tolerate the lag from one.

What’s in the Apex Legends Mobile Beta?

This Apex Legends Mobile Beta isn’t going to be the full game just yet. However, a decent slice of content is going to be available here. We don’t know fully how many features and modes are going to be available compared to launch. However, there are a decent number of Legends in the game so far. Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder, and Caustic are all going to in this closed beta.

Cross-Play, Consoles, and PC

This mobile version of Apex Legends is being developed separately from the mainline game. That means it isn’t going to feature cross-play with console or PC for Apex Legends. While emulators can probably help you play on PC, if you’re following the rules then you’ll be sticking with mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile – What’s Next?

Apex Legends Mobile is likely going to see release this year, with summer previously being suggested as a release date for the game. We can expect more news following this closed beta, and possibly an even wider test period as we get closer to the eventual release date. The title is hotly anticipated for those looking at mobile games given the success of the previous titles that went from consoles and PC to mobile, like Call of Duty Mobile, and Wild Rift.

Those games have managed to bring parts of their esports scenes over to mobile and grow a healthy and dedicated community of professional players. Apex Legends has a lot of potential for this on mobile as well. It is a bit early to judge with just an Apex Legends mobile beta, but competitive viability is definitely something people will be looking at with this game.