Apex Legends mobile must focus on India for their market growth

It’s been a few weeks since Apex Legends Mobile released for Android and iOS. Since then, it has been one of the most downloaded games on both stores. Since release, there has been a massive wave of hype content behind the game. With there being no slowing down in the release of new content for the game, it looks like the developers at EA have gone all in.

In recent times battle, royal games have taken the competitive scene by storm in various countries. One of these countries is India and with its massive fan base for Battle Royals, this could be one play Apex could focus more on. India has been known to be a hidden ecosystem in the world of competitive video gaming waiting for its time to shine and display the talent available within.

Apex Mobile India

Apex Legends Mobile is primed for success

Since the launch of PUBG on mobile, the mobile gaming world was taken aback and then into overdrive. Suddenly everyone was glued to a game due to its simplicity and allowing there to be various kinds of playing styles for the game. Either one can rush into a spot in which most players start the game and kill as many people while trying to survive or go far away and save up weapons before getting into the circle. Most Battle Royal games have the same fundamentals while only differing mainly in graphics and design of characters. Within Apex Legends there is more creativity which Is allowed to the team as well as the players who play solo due to each character having their unique traits.

While there are many reasons why Apex Legends Mobile doesn’t support cross-platform, it must be stated that the gameplay is much smoother and more responsive than the Nintendo Switch edition of the game. What makes Apex Legends different from most Battle Royal games is that each character has its abilities. Similar to that in Valorant different characters can play different roles due to their abilities. While someone who likes to play passive can be the healer and support their team. Due to this additional trait, the gameplay experience varies massively and adds another dimension to how can one play this game. Each team can consist of a total of 3 players at max but due to the coordination required to win, it makes Apex Legends one of the tougher Battle Royal Games to Master.

Battle Royale craze in India and South Asia

Recently BGMI, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India crossed over 100 million registered users within India. While this game was made for the Indian Market and based on it, one can notice the hype and popularity these games have. Since PUBG and Free Fire got banned within India, the developers of those games have worked and made games which are more Indian-centric. Since the last few years, it has been very affordable for people to use the internet on 4G due to the sudden boom in technology. As such this has made India have one of the lowest prices in the world for anyone to use 1GB of data on their 4G network.

Due to this major fact, each part of the nation has been able to use the internet and discover more games to play with their friends. Battle Royals allow players to play in squads which have made it very easy for friends to play together for hours on end in their free time. This tendency can be seen majorly in teens as well as adults who are working in offices.

Currently, in India, the BGMI Masters Series is going on which has a total price pool of ₹1,50,00,000 which is around $190,000. This is currently one of the biggest price pools within any gaming tournament in India. The important reason why Apex Legends can easily dominate the Indian Market is that currently BGMI and Free Fire still have Chinese Stakeholders. Due to this, the Indian Government can ban them soon in the future. Currently, within India, there are local Apex Legends Tournaments which are taking place with steady growth in the fan base. Apex Legends must try to help finance the price pools for such tournaments as it will bring more incentive for players to play their game and help spread information about it by the word of mouth. Thus, in turn getting new eyes onto their game.

With a bit of effort, Apex can take the primate as the premier BR in the region.