Apex Pro-Am: Summer Showdown Set To Take Place On September 3rd

It’s been a long while since the world has seen a LAN event for Apex Legends. As such, there has been quite a dip in the hype for the games professional scene. While in various parts of the world tier 2 games are not being provided with the exposure needed to keep the game in the loop. Due to this various organizations following the pandemic slowing down have announced Apex Legends LAN events. One of the events was the Apex Pro-Aim Summer Showdown. This event is set to be the first LAN event for a majority of the Tier 2 Scene.


Image Credits | Apex Legends

While the event is set to take play on the 3rd and 4th of September in Columbus, Ohio USA. This event is being organized by Revival Games who in the past have held various online tournaments. Since June the company has held various tournaments for Apex Legends. These tournaments have been majorly for players who wish to have more experience in the professional scene of Apex Legends. Due to this, there have been many players who have been provided with the exposure they need to make the jump. The major aspect of the tournament is the community and hype it builds for the players within it. Each player within it will have to grind it out to get to the top and win with their team.


While players will need to get a grip on their game sense as well as understand the current meta within the game. This will be the first major tournament to take place following the RAGE Summer 2022 tournament. As such fans of the game can watch the tournament to see the current crop of talent who want to make it to the top. Due to the tournament having a total prize pool of $5000, there are high chances that the best tier two teams will take part. As such while Apex Legends is on the cooldown following their World Championships, the fans can see professional gameplay.

It must be stated that as this is a LAN esports tournament, only players who travel to Ohio will be able to take part in the event. While such LAN events are mainly crucial for any game to thrive and help build a community for the players to be a part of as well. It will only be time until other organizations will host more small space LAN Events for other PC and Mobile games. Until then we will now be witnessing how the major and minor organizations start to build up.

Mainly due to the stop that was caused by the pandemic during the initial boom of every game. It has been stated that various teams from around the USA will be taking part in this tournament. As such it seems like the hype for the battle royal game hasn’t dipped down a lot in NA. Only time will tell us all how eventful this tournament will be while making sure that the winner goes away with a lot of respect and revenue.