WoW Arena World Championship entering final stages

In the last iteration of the AWC circuit, sixteen of the best teams from Europe and North America will be competing in the AWC Battle for Azeroth season. You can watch the AWC Battle for Azeroth competition across four weekends – starting on the 22nd of August and the three weeks after it.

The winners of these four weeks of competitions will end up participating in the AWC regional finals!

Arena World Championship

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Past the brackets

Already, the 16 participating AWC Battle of Azeroth teams have set themselves apart from the hullaballoo of WoW esports by making it through the open bracket cups throughout the last four weeks – and now they will face their biggest challenge.

In each of the two regions, eight teams will participate in a Round Robin competition and be up against all the other teams in a Bo5 competition. That’ll go on for 4 weeks, before the teams who showed the strongest performances will be able to move on to their respective regional finals.

The qualified teams in NA are: Cloud9, Spacestation Gaming, Golden Guardians, M2KC, Charlotte Phoenix, Turtle, ???? and Unitas, while in Europe, Wildcard Gaming, XSET, nLite, Diabolus, ABC, Bergen Boys, F2K MyWay, and Coffin Dance will be participating in the event.

The Method Black EU lineup has finally found an organization to represent and will be competing under XSET Gaming for the remainder of the season.

The North American Method lineup is yet to find an organization to represent and are still listed as ???? or TBD.

Schedule & Format

A total of 7 matches will be played on each of the eight days that the event will span – August 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th, September 5th, 6th, 12th, and 13th. You can watch the streams through the official streaming channels of the AWC, of course – streams are available in four different languages. English, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish are available for fans to watch.

If you want to, you can also follow the WoW esports Twitter account here (

WoW Arena World Championship entering final stages

© Arena World Championship

The 3 man teams that made it this far in the competition all had to go through the aforementioned open bracket cups – each win, loss, and placement awarded them additional tournament points. In any given competition at that stage, teams would receive between 12 and 120 points – for the higher ranks, also some very modest cash prizes between $600 and $5.000.

For the final event, a much bigger prize pool is up for grabs. Although the AWC BFA circuit is far smaller than some other esports, and draws smaller audiences, this year’s tournament will feature a $500.000 prize pool. This pool is split between the two regions – NA and Europe, however, it still makes for an attractive sum for participating players!

Be sure to catch the event to not miss out on the best the AWC has to offer!

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