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While not as big as some of Activision Blizzard’s other esports, the game has plenty of fans and a lot of game titles to show for it. Just a little while ago, news about the next Call of Duty were released, and sparked a bit of outrage over the use of white phosphorus as aMore
The World of Warcraft community is locked in their seatsMore
With the final Stage of Overwatch League set to startMore

WoW’s new toys support esports!

As announced some time ago, popular MMO World of Warcraft is currently holding an event – for a limited time, all purchases of two specific toys are going to contributeMore

Blizzard announced plans for WoWs AWC and MDI programs

Big news from one of the world’s most popular MMO’s ever – Blizzard is making big plans for two particular branches of the game. While an MMO in and ofMore

There’s No 2019 Esports Calendar for Heroes of The Storm

Blizzard have made a game-changing announcement regarding the future of Heroes of the Storm, and in particular its esports offering. The studio have advised that they are currently scaling backMore
Esports Industry

The esports 2019 lineup is already taking shape in China

Yes, you heard that right, even though 2018 is nowhere near over yet, China has been getting ready for 2019 and the continuing developments of esports as an industry. InMore
Mobile Games

Could Diablo Immortal be the most hated game of 2018?

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard Entertainment’s latest venture into the mobile gaming realm, but what could have been a brave move to broaden the Diablo franchise looks as if it hasMore

BlizzCon 2018 was as good as fans had hoped

It’s over – the biggest event of the year for fans of any of Blizzard’s games and esports tournaments. Over 40.000 gamers gathered in person (and even more of themMore

Blizzard unveil their esports mobile app

The American games developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainment, have recently unveiled their new mobile esports app. The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices and it looks toMore

The WoW Arena Championships are underway!

The fall season of the World of Warcraft Arena Championship is already well underway, and we are now two cups in. Hard to believe though that may be, we’ve alreadyMore

Blizzard announces the 2018 Arena World Championship Fall Season

World of Warcraft fans are exploring the new zones released when the Battle for Azeroth expansion rolled down. There is plenty of content to enjoy and dungeons to explore, butMore

Login issues plague WoW Battle for Azeroth launch

Blizzard wanted to make sure that the latest expansion to the popular World of Warcraft series will be truly memorable. The decision to launch the game simultaneously in all regionsMore
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