Astralis acquires PIXEL.TV to create a platform for all types of gamers

Astralis, the Danish esports organization, has expanded even further with their recent acquisition. The news that Astralis acquires PIXEL.TV in a majority stake has broke this week. They will be the majority owner of the company, which is an entirely internet-based TV platform in Denmark. Astralis already has a decent amount of space in the esports industry but this latest acquisition will help them to bring more esports action to a wider audience.


Astralis acquires majority stake in PIXEL.TV

Astralis is a company that has grown quite a bit in recent years. They are best known for their team in CS:GO. However, the esports org has already expanded out quite a bit. They now have teams active in LoL, FIFA, R6, and Fortnite. That’s alongside their CSGO representation. This has already given them a solid position, especially in Danish-specific esports markets.

Astralis is best known for their esports teams at the moment. However, they have made inroads to this kind of purchase in the past. Just last year they opened up Astralis Nexus. This is a gaming and entertainment center in Copenhagen. The center features a gaming area, streaming hub, fan space, and other experiences. This is more limited and local but it showed Astralis ambitions for a wider influence in esports. The news that Astralis acquires PIXEL.TV is a bigger move in this direction.

The new acquisition will see Astralis move into a new area for esports. They will now be directly involved in entertainment. The company is looking to expand this side, growing influence in production.

Astralis will be acquiring the majority stake in the company. This means they’ll mainly own it. However, the existing CEO will continue at the company overseeing its operations. So there won’t be too much change at PIXEL.TV. The new overlords are hoping to continue the current efforts of PIXEL.TV while growing its influence. They are aiming towards building a more international audience for the platform, which could position Astralis into a stronger place in the esports production environment.

What’s Next for PIXEL.TV?

The news that Astralis acquires PIXEL.TV prompts the question of what’s going to change with the platform. It would be natural to assume that PIXEL.TV will be trying to broadcast the esports matches of the Astralis teams. Although, this could be complicated depending on the broadcast rights for the games and leagues involved. It is likely that PIXEL.TV will be seeking out some exclusive content though.

This could possibly involve some organization of smaller events or tournaments themselves to broadcast on the platform. They could equally begin pursuing the rights to games in some markets to get exclusive content for the platform that way.

“ will be a broad, inclusive media platform embracing all types of gamers.” – Jakob Lund Kristensen, Astralis

This news is definitely big for Astralis and it could have big repercussions across the industry. Fans of their teams though will have to wait and see what type of exclusive content is going to be on offer from the platform in the future.