Axie Infinity Esports growing – Tournaments totaling $1 million at AxieCon

Axie Infinity, the popular play-to-earn NFT-based game, has announced three big esports tournaments which will take place at the AxieCon. The AxieCon is a gathering for everyone in the Axie ecosystem. It will happen in Barcelona, Spain from Sept. 7 to 10.

These three tournaments will feature a cumulative prize pool of $1 million. The biggest of the three is the Axie Classic World Championships which will reward $500,000. The other two are the Axie Origin BYOD Series and the Axie Origin Stadium Series with $400,000 and $100,000 on the line, respectively.

The Axie Infinity community will be glad to hear the announcement especially after the recent downfall of the game. A falling playerbase has also put questions around its esports scene.

Axie Infinity Classic World Championships to reward $500,000 in esports prize money

Axie Classic World Championships with $500,000 on the line.

The Axie Classic World Championship is the only tournament of the three that will be open to players from around the world. It will feature open qualifiers running from July 28 to Aug. 7 with up to 64,000 players being able to participate. The qualifiers are split into two regions: the East and the West. The participants will compete across three phases with the top 16 making it to AxieCon.

These top 16 players will receive a completely paid trip to Barcelona to compete in the LAN finals at AxieCon.

Axie Infinity Origin BYOD Series

With the new version of the game, Axie Infinity Origin, going to be the way forward, Sky Mavis is bringing two tournaments for the game at AxieCon. Sky Mavis are the developers of Axie Infinity.

The Axie Origin BYOD Series will happen from Sept. 8 to 10 in Barcelona. Players attending the AxieCon can sign-up for a chance at winning $400,000. It will be open to 2,048 players across any tablet, laptop, or Android phone. PCs will not be accepted.

Sky Mavis has said that the game will likely not be released for Apple users before the tournament, hence, a special exception won’t be made for them. If you are an Apple user looking to compete in the BYOD series, you will have to bring another device to compete.

Axie Infinity Origin image as the game looks to become the new standard for esports.

Axie Infinity Origin Stadium Series will be the third esports event at AxieCon

The Axie Origin Stadium Series will be a similar event to the BYOD Series. Taking place in Barcelona from Sept. 7 to 10, there will be 1,024 seats open each day.

The twist is that the top players will have to compete against players from the Sky Mavis team in the final round.

Similar to the BYOD Series, Apple users will likely not be able to participate in this.

When is AxieCon?

The official website for AxieCon describes it as a “gathering of the greatest thinkers, builders, and battlers in the Axie ecosystem.” As mentioned in this article, it will take place in Barcelona from Sept. 7 to 10 and will feature a lot of events which include product announcements, developer panels, community panels, governance talks, esports events, parties, and more.

Passes are currently available on the official website and cost $150 each.