Axie Infinity – Three Horn cards to watch out for in Origins

As the arrival of version 3 of Axie Infinity known as Origin fast approaches, more cards are being revealed by Sky Mavis. We already saw the Tail, Mouth and Back cards coming to the game. And now, the Horn cards are already unveiled, and more possible combinations may just have been given more light.

Let’s dive deeper into three Horn cards to watch out for once Axie Origin will be live.

Axie Origins Horn Cards

© Sky Mavis


Caterpillars is probably one of the most used Horn cards currently in version 2. Its high shield and damage while having the possible Fear effect being applied to shielded targets can be game-changing and provides a tricky utility when used correctly.

But in Axie Origin, Caterpillars may have gone a bit simpler. Its card effect now reads as: “Apply Fear for 4 turns.” It also has 60 damage which is still quite decent in a way. Though the thing that could make this card more powerful is its synergy with earlier revealed version 3 Bug cards revolving around the Fear mechanic.

The Origin counterparts of Gravel Ant, Cute Bunny, and now, Caterpillars, all deal with the Fear mechanic to a target Axie for 4 turns. Sandal, on the other hand, is the main damager that has the potential to deal 150 damage when the target previously has Fear. It also deals 2 turns of the mechanic to the opponent as a bonus. This setup could be dangerous as we now see on paper. But of course, trying it out is still the best option to do first.

Shoal Star

Shoal Star has been one of the most popular and useful Aqua Horn cards to date. The fact that it won’t allow a target Axie to enter its Last Stand phase is just amazing. We may or may not have the said mechanic in the upcoming version of Axie Infinity, but the card still seems to be a powerful one.

The version 3 counterpart of Shoal Star has 50 damage and a card text that reads as: “If the target has no more than 120 HP, kill it instantly.” I mean, this might be really interesting to see how it works. It could have the same effect as before and is just translated depending on the gameplay of Origin, but this already excites players on how it can be a game-changer.

Theoretically speaking, combine this with Koi to establish a really offensive setup. A Piranha Mouth card option would also make sense since its Bleed mechanic can also be related to diminishing the target Axie’s HP. Jeez, what a potential offensive powerhouse in Axie Infinity.

Little Branch

But speaking of offensive powerhouse, Little Branch may top that list.

The current effect of this card increases the Axie’s critical chance by 20% if combined with a Plant card. That is why it is often used in version 2 as a Horn card for Plants, most especially those which are placed in the front or mid. But as offensive, as it may sound, things might be more damaging about the card when Origin arrives.

We all know that the critical system will be removed in version 3. And instead, the Rage system will be used in a way of compensating it. It is a known mechanic especially in fighting or RPG games wherein a certain rage bar will be filled up depending on the number of attacks a certain character dealt with an opponent. Once it is full, a powerful attack will come into place that can have more damage or a possible game-changing effect.

And Little Branch will be one of the cards you can use for it. Its new card text reads as: “Gain 1 Rage per 1 alive Ally (including summons).” This alone may already sound dangerous since Axie Origin now has cards that can help you create summons or summoned creatures. But its 130 damage despite being a 2-energy cost is just insane. It could be too early to say this, but this Little Branch can definitely do big things in version 3.