Lynn Vision looks to stop EC Kyiv dominance in Back To Back Playoffs

The C-Tier CSGO scene is having some wonderful betting matches today. The quarterfinal stage of the Back To Back Tournament kicks off on Monday with unbeaten Esports Club Kyiv facing Chinese team Lynn Vision Gaming before an even money matchup between Okura and Ambush.

Here is a breakdown of both matches along with betting predictions from Monday’s games.

Back to Back Tournament

SiKe “z4kr” Zhang at WEST 2019

Esports Club Kyiv vs Lynn Vision Gaming

Esports Club Kyiv will open the quarterfinal stage of the Back to Back tournament as slight favorites considering their dominance at this competition so far. They have won all three matches to date, demolishing their opponents with a round record of 64-35. In fact, their round differential of +29 is comfortably the most in this tournament.

Esports Club Kyiv first beat Fade 16-6 in Inferno before their only real challenge of the tournament against D13. However, the manner in which they overcame that win, 16-12 in Inferno, will inspire them with confidence when the playoffs matches get tight.

Lynn Vision Gaming have been made to work incredibly hard right through this tournament. They have a 3-2 match record, which includes defeats against eSuba (16-12 in the second round) and Mason (2-1 in round 4).

That experience has been an issue for world No. 65 Lynn Vision, who have not been able to find sustained periods of excellence through the last few months on the pro circuit. They will rely heavily on Westmelon and Z4kr, who have been with this franchise for well over two years apiece. Westmelon has averaged 0.73 kills per round in his professional career, with a headshot rate of 60%. Still, he would like to improve on his defense considering he has a high death rate of 0.69. While Z4kr is not as proficient at long-range weapons as Westmelon, he has a better all-round game, with 0.77 kills and 0.66 deaths per round in a career that has spanned close to 7,000 rounds.

Lynn Vision Gaming will not be pushed over if these two can find their feet quickly. Considering the higher payout as well, Lynn Vision Gaming might be the team to back.

Okura vs Ambush Gaming

The second quarterfinal is an even-money matchup, with no clear and apparent early favorite. Okura have won three of four matches at this tournament while Ambush Esports have won three out of five.

Both teams have a round differential at this Back To Back Tournament of exactly +19. That is how tight this game could be. Okura, however, have played significantly fewer rounds with a record of 75-56. That could make a difference because that might mean Okura will be a tad fresher.

For Ambush, they will rely heavily on Drac, who has maintained a K/D ratio of 1.11. His sample size of matches to analyze is small, but it still indicates how important he is to the team’s dynamics. The French team’s average age is over 24 years, which is slightly high for professional CS:GO, but that also indicates these are experienced players capable of handling themselves under duress.

Ambush will be pushed hard by Okura. Of that, there is no doubt. As a result, it might make prudent sense to back this match to go to a third map. That might be the betting market with the highest likelihood at this point.

Even at outright level, you are looking at at x3.76 return just for these two matches, if you select Lynn Vision Gaming winning and Okura/Ambush going to map-3. Not a bad haul for a simple Monday over at GG.BET.