Barca Esports announces a new Rocket League and RLCS X Winter Split changes

Rocket League has recently gone free to play, making it more accessible than ever. Things feel fresh again ingame, and that’s even the case with the title’s competitive community. Rocket League esports is seeing some major tournaments reorganize soon. With a new competitive format, the Rocket League Winter Split is taking a new approach to events than in the past. Fewer teams and bigger regional qualifiers are the way to go.

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s esport team went on a wild internal adventure as they drop their entire Rocket League roster and acquire a new one within days.

RLCS X Winter Split


The RLCS X Winter Split

The Rocket League Championship Series is starting up for its Winter events. Things have changed a bit this year though, as the Rocket League Winter Spilt is getting a new format. Although, the tournament is still going to remain accessible, entertaining, and it has a $100,000 prize pool.

In previous years, 32 teams would have to compete in the event. This time around it has been cut down to just 24 teams. The format has shifted towards double-elimination games too. All of this slims things down, making the tournament more manageable for fans to watch.

In terms of who is competing, 10 teams have auto-qualified from past events, while the remaining 12 will be decided through open qualifiers. The changes should open up the possibility of more fresh talent entering the scene. Now that Rocket League is free to play, there is a huge pool of players to draw from.

The regional events have their prize pools bumped up also, which should be enough of an incentive to bring in the best Rocket League players.

Barcelona re-creates their Rocket League Team

The Rocket League Winter Split might be approaching soon, and Barca Esports is looking to make a big impact. FC Barcelona’s old Rocket League team has now been let go and a brand new one was announced within a few days. This includes both the players and the coach were fully replaced.

It seems this decision wasn’t because of the game or the team themselves initially. The old roster and Barca’s vision were not in-line and the club decided to make a switch. It is roumored that the football clubs upper management and not the esports team were behind the decision.

The old Barca roster never quite managed to get into the highest level of Rocket League, and it seems they just weren’t getting the results that the organization wanted. We will see how the new iteration fares this season.

As for, Ronaky, Deevo, itachi, Seeb and ElGeneral, we wish them best of luck in their future endeavors.

What’s Next After The Rocket League Winter Split?

The Rocket League new format makes things a bit more concise and interesting for the Winter Split. It isn’t a massive change to the game’s schedule, but it is going to make it easier for fans to watch. With the teams cut down, there’s now only room for the best Rocket League players out there. If you’re interested in Rocket League betting, then you have a harder job now that the tournaments are even more parred down.

The open qualifiers are giving people great opportunities to get involved with Rocket League. Now that the game is free to play too, Rocket league is becoming an esport that is open and accessible to everyone, provided you’re good enough. These new developments are a great indication of where Rocket League is going, open to players but with a dedicated side for high-skill play.

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