Barrage of Dota 2 updates reveals how fragile the meta is

There hasn’t been a full month since the 7.27 update was introduced. Yet, Dota 2 players have had to adapt to the third iteration of the patch this past week. We are specifically talking about the 7.27c update, and we are not sure if Dota 2 will get the D soon either.

While we can appreciate that the pesky “Purple Ancient creeps” have been removed entirely, the recent patch has been “rather unbalanced”, Icefrog would claim.

Dota 2 7.27c Patch

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Clinkz’s complete revamp

Starting off, Clinkz  received the most significant change during the 7.27b patch. Unlike most heroes who either received nerfs or buffs, Clinkz received a complete revamp of what truly defined him.

Clinkz’s ultimate (formerly the Burning Army) has been reverted to its former glory. By that, I meant Death Pact, the skill that lets Clinkz consume a unit, providing him temporary buffs in health and damage. This allowed him to become much beefier along with having high damage output.

As for Clinkz’s former skill, the Burning Army is not removed either. Instead, it has become his new ability that he enables after purchasing the Aghanim’s Scepter. However, the most impactful change Clinkz received was the return of his forgotten skill, Strafe. The skill allows him to attack at tremendous speed, which played a role in dealing voluminous damage on his foes.

Due to the extra skills and unmonitored numbers in his skills, Clinkz’s win rate surged by 7%, from his already high 50.38% win-rate before the patch. Expectedly, it’s only natural that the pick rate increased by 10% as well.

The following video by Sivatheeban “1437” Sivanathapillai is only three days old, and is already outdated.


Icefrog brings down the Nerf Hammer

After only 2 days of disastrous pub games, Icefrog released a much-needed balance patch to Clinkz. It nerfed the new carry’s wet dream carry pick. Thus, putting an end to the new “renaissance” of carry heroes.

However, along with patch 7.27c, Icefrog brought a new contender to the overpowered heroes into the game. Bloodseeker’s disgusting lore about bloodlust and chasing down bloodied victims, is about to get even bloodier as supports face anxiety when playing against him.

Although Bloodseeker did not receive any skill revamps, his Bloodrage got much efficient in healing. This in turn makes Bloodseeker a sustainable laner, even against strong harassers and lane dominators such as Queen of Pain and Bristleback.

Spectre’s unusual relationship with Meteor Hammer

Commonly known as Meme Hammer, this item is bought by support heroes who have wide AOE stuns, such as Treant Protector’s Overgrowth. Besides serving as a follow-up stun, Meteor Hammer can also be used to deal decent damage on buildings and enemy units.

Recently, Meteor Hammer has made it into the list of trendy item build for Spectre. Traditionally, Radiance is a go-to farming item for Spectre; however, Meteor Hammer is becoming a more affordable option lately. Furthermore, the various perks such as lower cooldown, additional stats and regeneration, made it a much wiser alternative too.

Don’t believe the unconventional build? Perhaps taking it from a pro player would change your mind.

TNC Predator’s Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte opted for the Meteor Hammer as his first item in his games at ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League.

Balancing works in progress

The recent Dota 2 meta heroes have certainly taken an odd twist. While it’s a breath of fresh air, SirActionSlacks speaks for us when he says that we don’t need too frequent updates.

I doubt that Dota 2 teams enjoy re-evaluating their strategies every time a new patch releases (especially when they are 2 days apart). Additionally, Dota 2 betting has been challenging to predict, thanks to the constant patching and meta shifts. However, we got you covered if you’re looking for a reliable market for Esports odds.

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