The Aghanim’s Labyrinth – All you need to know

The Summer event, teased in the Battle Pass 2020, is finally live, thanks to the cries from the Dota 2 community. Better known as the Aghanim’s Labyrinth, the event comes packed with fun gameplay, bountiful rewards, and most importantly, it’s free-to-play!

It’s Free-to-Play and Free to Win

Aghanim the Mighty, challenges every brave warrior in Dota 2 to overcome his trials! Yes, you heard it right, the Aghanim’s Labyrinth is a free-to-play co-op. However, battle pass owners can earn up to 2,000 battle points weekly by playing.

With a gathering of 3 friends/strangers, you may head into Aghanim’s Labyrinth to face the challenges beneath. As your party crawl deeper into the labyrinth, monsters of escalating difficulty will appear. Since the monsters are not particularly friendly, it’s your goal to kill every last one. Most these monsters may seem fearsome, but fret not!

You will be gaining useful items and abilities along the way to assist your battles. Eventually, your party will face bosses who pose more significant threats than the minions you fought previously. Furthermore, if the ‘Apprentice’, aka lowest difficulty, is easy-breezy, perhaps you can take up the challenge by playing tougher difficulties, escalating from ‘Magician’ to ‘Sorcerer’, and ultimately, the ‘Grand Magus’!

Everybody gets a reward!

The four stages aside, the spotlight is cast on the competitive side of the event, the Aghanim’s Trials. Scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, the first trial will be held within a 2-hour timeframe. (It resets every week, so you may keep trying till you make it!)

Players may play the event during this period to set the fastest record of making it to the end of the labyrinth. The top 10 winners on the world leaderboard will be bringing home exclusive rewards. The reward list and rankings are as below:

[1st] – Interdimensional Baby Roshan (along with lower-tier rewards below)

[2nd – 3rd] – The Waterlogged Kunka Shoes (along with lower-tier rewards below)

[4th – 10th] – A Random Arcana (along with lower-tier rewards below)

Participation, after defeating the First Boss – A weekly in-game Aghanim’s Effect.

Diretide, much? The Aghanim’s Trials really brings old-time Dota 2 fans down memory lane, back when there were seasonal events alongside valuable rewards. Nonetheless, the Aghanim’s Trials felt like a modern take on a classic event altogether.

Aghanim’s Trials for Dummies

Now then, it takes more than a random stack of strangers and high MMR to win the Aghanim’s Trials. Fortunately, several wholesome players were kind enough to share tips on how to play the event the right way.

For starters, hero picks should consist of a support, who can provide various auras to everyone. Omniknight is a recommended choice, with passive aura items such as Mekansm, Vladmir’s Offering and healing items. But really, the primary responsibility of the support is to provide various buffs to other players.

Although commonly played as support in regular games, Winter Wyvern plays a vital role in dealing damage, especially on bosses, in this mode. Its Arctic Burn enables her to attack from a distance while dealing damage based on the percentage of the enemy’s health. Therefore, items that further amplify her damage and attack speed, such as Bloodthorn and Mjolnir, are beneficial.

Another support hero, Disruptor, is proven to be rather handy too. Disruptor’s Kinetic Field is useful for crowd gathering and preventing the monsters from getting too close to your allies.

With the three crucial heroes at your disposal, the final pick really depends on your own preference. On the side note, melee heroes are a no-go since you will have to get close and personal with foes. At higher levels, melee heroes just aren’t durable enough to survive the devastating hits.

Ah, Bugs, it’s everywhere!

As per usual, the update also brought loads of bugs, some are blatantly abusable while others are just hilarious. For instance, the in-game item, Bottle, received a surge in regeneration. Since the event uses the similar item in it, it somehow affected the Bottle in regular games too.

“Holy crap, I am a bug abuser now?” by Arteezy on Twitch.

Then, there’s also reports of the boss, Tiny, being a tad too attached with its victim. It wouldn’t let go of its victim, even after every other player is dead. Now, you know, I’m something of a programmer myself. So, truth be told, every project ships with bugs.

Nevertheless, Icefrog and the Dota 2 dev team have undoubtedly delivered an incredible event. From the nostalgic Diretide vibes to the exhilarating cinematics, it feels like Dota 2 is doing everything right, in reviving its dedicated fanbase.

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