Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass is out

It has been a long road of speculation and guessing. With current events blocking the way, players across the globe were wondering if there will be a Battle Pass, and more importantly when will it happen. A recent hint by Thiago Vidotto, had everyone on edge about the potential Battle Pass release. And its true and finally here, more amazing then ever. Get ready for the biggest money printing operation in 2020 with this years iteration of the The International Battle Pass.

Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass is OUT

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The International Battle Pass

The Battle Pass 2020 version is even more packed then before. We can easily expect Valve to surpass any previous TI prize fund and set a new record once again. And honestly, the teams and players deserve a milestone after the shitty year we’ve been having so far. There is way too many goodies in the Battle Pass to go over one by one in an article. After all Valve worked on their page for months. So for all the things we will intentionally skip there is a nice information hub for you at the official Battle Pass page. Now lets get cracking with the three most eye-catching features.


Guild’s are the main feature of this years’ Battle Pass. Envisioned as a community driven event, Battle Pass owners can create Guilds with their friends and earn rewards by playing with guildies. Daily Contracts, Guild Challenges and Events will be available for players in order to level up their guild. It seems you will be rewarded points regardless of performance as long as you participate. Also, bigger guilds are likely to advance through levels and earn rewards faster. So get out there start recruiting and earn those fancy guild rewards.

Battle Gauntlet

Staright out of Avengers mythos, the Battle Gauntlet is here with this years Battle Pass. The goal is to win 3 matches before losing 2 in a row. Achieve that and you will be awarded 1500 points and potentially advance a tier. Each Tier will have similar like-minded and bloodthirsty opponents challenging you for their 3 wins. Each region will have a scheduled Gauntler appointed time for players to compete. So learn your time, call your friends and head out to prove you are the winningest of them all.

Community Match Predictions

Finlly, for all our Dota 2 betting fans there is a brand new Match Prediction system just for you. Every day Valve will select a match and the whole community can vote on match outcomes. Guess the winner twice and you earn Battle Points. Honestly, nobody can say no to a little harmless prediction game, especially considering its free and you can practice for when the real stuff comes along. Wagering gets an update also. If you like to bet on your own prowess, Wager Tokens can be spent investing in showcasing your talents. The longer your win streak the more Tokens you earn. You can convert them in Battle Points at a fixed rate.

Dota 2 The International 10 Battle Pass is out

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Returning Features

There is a whole bunch of returning features in the Battle Pass as well. You can still Double Down on your MMR up to 3 times and potentially double up or down your points. Leveling up your Battle Pass will allow you to play this as much as four times a week. Recycling Immortals is also back as a feature. Your extra Immortals can be scraped on your chase towards the coveted Emblem of Divinity. Finally, the voting systems are back again. You can vote on the new Arcana or the Collector’s Cache as long as you hold the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass Rewards

The list of Rewards is extensive and evolves as you level your Battle Pass. From Courier level ups to an amazing Wraith King Arcana, everything is densely packed into an entire summer grinding experience. The Dota 2 Reddit is already up in arms about which feature is better. Additionally, the amount of hype around the announcement has caused the Battle Pass page to go into 504 – Gateway Timeout mode 20 minutes after the announcement. Godspeed my angry refresh clicking brethren. In end end, not everything has even been announced yet, a Special Event is in the works for the summer that we know nothing about. Check back with our Dota 2 News section to find out more as soon as we do. We leave you with this bundle of joy below:

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