Battle for the Light – $70,000 Gods Unchained Esports Tournament

Gods Unchained is one of the top NFT games and it’s about to expand to a whole new area. A Gods Unchained esports tournament has been announced, the Battle for the Light, featuring a $70,000 prize pool.

Battle for the Light Gods Unchained

While both the top players and content creators will be competing. This is something of a first; few NFT games get to the point where they can support an esports tournament.

$70,000 Gods Unchained Esports Tournament

Gods Unchained is a trading card-based game that’s had some decent popularity by applying NFTs to the in-game cards. Its first esports tournament has been announced.

This will be Light’s Verdict: Showdown. While that’s the initial, it’s followed by the Battle for the Light. The first is for content creators, however the second for more general players.

Battle for The Light

Battle for the Light is the main event for the initial Gods Unchained esports. This tournament will be held from October 7-8. It’s kicking off at 23:59 UTC each night. Players will be able to compete in this event by taking part in regional tournaments. Although, there will be two of these in total, with a combined prize pool of $53,000.

These tournaments are going to be broken down into two separate stages. The first is an open qualifier. This is a Swiss stage across the first day. That’s followed by a Top 8 bracket on the following day which will be a double-elimination format. All games are played in Conquest mode with each player submitting 3 decks for tournament play.

Light’s Verdict Showdown

Light’s Verdict Showdown was a content creator tournament. It all took place on a single day, September 30th. Although, a smaller tournament, we saw 8 players competing against each other in a basic single-elimination bracket for up to $15,000 in prizes.

Light’s Verdict was focused on the community around God’s Unchained. However, this is one of the first NFT game esports being held. So it makes sense to start with something like this. Players can see content creators compete and get a decent feel for how the game plays on a competitive level.

Gods Unchainted LW Shodown

Winners of the community portion of the event

Gods Unchained Esports & Prize Pools

The most eye-catching element of the Gods Unchained esports tournament is probably the prize pool. This is impressive for an NFT game. However, it’s worth clarifying just what that prize pool actually is. While it is over $70,000, that’s not in actual cash.

Players will be receiving USDC, $GODS, and card packs in-game. Since this is an NFT game, event assets from the packs have a supposed value. Although, the major crypto tokens being incredibly unstable over the last year, prizes like this definitely have a few caveats attached. It is an impressive commitment to esports. You really have to have an ongoing interest in Gods’ token to get much use out of the prize.

Gods Unchained is one of the more successful NFT games. While its gameplay style is close to Hearthstone, it has unique content. This makes it a decent fit for esports. Although, this isn’t the first event for the game either. They’ve sponsored some community tournaments in the past. However, this is the first one with this level of official involvement and a decent-sized prize pool. While there are a lot of events, you can watch all of them. Each of these tournaments are going to be broadcast on the Gods Unchained Twitch Channel.