Who is Bernard Chong? Esports CEO under manhunt for smuggling meth

Bernard Chong is the owner of Bren Esports, whose role in the media has taken a bit of a weird turn in the past few weeks. He’s gone from head of a major esports team to being hunted by the authorities in the Philippines for his alleged involvement in a meth smuggling ring.

The sensationalist headline has grabbed attention in esports news this week. None of his alleged activities extend to the team he was running. While still subject of a manhunt, he’s still taken to Twitter to protest the allegations and maintain his innocence. This is what’s happened and who Bernard Chong, the esports org owner turned meth smuggler, was before all of this.

Bernard "Bren" Chong

Manhunt for Bren Esports owner over Meth smuggling operation

Chong is being sought in relation to a meth smuggling operation. He’s accused of being behind the smuggling of 276 kilos of meth through a port in the last three years. His role in this scheme isn’t an esports team owner physically sneaking packages in and out though. Chong has other business interests outside of esports. These include owning a cargo service, through which the smuggling took place.

The news was definitely shocking and esports fans have voiced their surprise that a figure in the community is involved in all this. Chong has taken to Twitter to defend himself and claims that the charges are false. This isn’t the first time Chong has been involved on similar charges. He is also wanted for charges relating to more smuggling in 2019, these ones go up to $1.25 million.

Who is Bernard Chong?

Bernard Chong has hit the news with these charges, but he goes back quite a while in the world of esports. He is currently the owner of Bren Esports.

Bren Esports have an active roster in a lot of different games However, they’ve primarily been known for their work in Mobile Bang Bang. The four-year-old team has had decent results in the mobile game. They’ve also played other esports too, like Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, LoL, Overwatch, and Tekken.

Bren Esports has had some decent success over the four years they’ve been active. They’ve competed in major tournaments for mobile games but also gotten pretty far in Valorant on occasion. Including getting to the VCT. Bren Esports ended up unable to travel to the VCT due to visa problems.

Bernard Chong is part of the Chong family. They’ve owned brands like World Balance for some time, and plenty other business see his involvement besides his role in esports.

The personal problems for the CEO problems are likely going to complicate things for Bren Esports. Despite being guilty or not, the team’s financial future might be shaky. While Chong still owns the team these alleged crimes could also put potential sponsors off of associating with the team. It might be a while before this case comes to a conclusion. Although, a manhunt for him is likely to see a development coming sooner rather than later.