Best Esports Casino Games – Top Slots with Video Games Themes

The surge in popularity of esports betting has caused betting operators to get creative and keep players interested between tournaments. Most of the esports betting sites have some type of traditional casino setup to go with their sportsbooks. Casino games featured vary from simple slots to virtual versions of various table games like blackjack and roulette. However, our focus in this piece is what could esports fans enjoy and play while the season is on hiatus.

Esports bookmakers have come up with a plethora of new esports casino games. Some of the most popular gaming titles are used as inspiration for these new casino games. While they might seem like simple video game-themed slots, there is far more depth to them. Certain power-ups and advantages make them more like a video game than a traditional slot machine. Whether it’s an increased likelihood of free spins or special bonus games to increase the payout, there are several different ways these esports casino games differ from their traditional counterparts.

What are the best esports casino game at bookmakers?

The best esports casino games offer the most chances of winning or extending gameplay further. In most cases, it’s earning the player free spins to try to win more money. But in other cases, it’s simply adding more winning patterns into the game. Most of these esports-related slots don’t require a simple straight line to win, and the various patterns make it easier for the player to not lose all of their money pulling the virtual handle.

In order to determine the best esports casino games, they have to adhere to high standards of inspiration from their original game and award plenty of lines, wilds or free spins to the players. The RTP (Return To Player) rate also needs to be high enough to keep you engaged and fully enjoying your time.

We did the research for you and went through all of the esports bookmakers to find a wide variety of slots with video games themes. Here’s our selection.

Battle Shop

Inspired by: Dota 2
RTP: Unknown
Play it at:

Battle Shop has some of the best multipliers for esports casino games with winnings able to be multiplied up to 32 times the original value. The multiplier doubles in value for each subsequent winning combination, making consecutive wins very profitable for players. Making things easier is the wild symbol can appear on any of the five reels, making it much easier to hit on any of the 25 winning patterns.

Battle Shop is near the top of the list when it comes to graphics. It is appealing because of its bright colors and sleek symbols that make it striking to the eye. The symbols are also easy to differentiate and look much cleaner without the boxes that surround the icons on some of the other games in this category.

Battle Shop LootBet Slot

Brawl At The Red Cap Inn

Inspired by: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans
RTP: 96.04%
Play it at:

The two grid Warcraft fantasy expired Slotmachine is a favorite for anyone seeking intense play, different pay line options and an interesting soundtrack. Two separate 5×5 grids combine for 100 potential winnings lines (50 each). The main feature of the game is Wild Swap. When either of the two sides gets the Wild icon (Similar to the Warcraft RTS logo), it copies itself onto the other side. If both sides get a matching Wild the next turn you get 5x multiplier Wilds. On top of that the Wild is a feature used to increase the amount of free spins on this game.

If you like a game that has plenty of methods to multiply winnings and a ton of free spins, you should definitely give it a try. Our GG.BET Review will give you all the details on where to find it and how good these provider and game will serve you overall.
Brawl At The Red Cap Inn , Slots Vdeo Games Themed

Champion Arena

Inspired by: Apex Legends
RTP: 96.36%
Play it at:

What immediately stands out about Champion Arena is the ease in which players accumulate free spins. Unlike some games where wilds or special symbols are restricted to certain wheels, all five reels can feature wild symbols, scatter symbols or the special bonus symbols. This slot game awards 15 free spins for three scatter symbols appearing on the reels. The wild symbols become even more powerful during the free spins where they will automatically expand to cover the entire reel if it helps the player win.

This game also features special bonuses that help maximize the payout. Any combination of the five legend figures will activate a 20x multiplier, and if you land all five legends, it’s a 200x multiplier. In addition, there are a plethora of the highest-paying symbols, which can occur on any reel and help increase the payout up to $20 as well.

Champion Arena slot

CounterPunch Pro

Inspired by: CS:GO
RTP: 95.185%
Play it at:

The CSGO inspired CounterPunch Pro is similar to plenty other esports casino games on the market. However, what stands out is the interactive element that was added to the game following every win, courtesy of the Gamble. This feature isn’t available for free spins or autoplay. But after every other winning combination, the player can choose to multiply their winnings by playing the Gamble.

In this feature, you have to choose which wire to cut on a bomb to find the multiplier for the winnings. There is a risk in choosing to play this mini-game — hence the feature being named Gamble — but there is at least an interactive element different from traditional slots. The payouts are also better than others, so the multipliers will help players win more money.

counterpunch pro lootbet slot

Deadly Combat

Inspired by: Mortal Kombat
RTP: Unknown
Play it at:

Deadly Combat has the standard wild and scatter symbols on its reels. The game’s three special symbols make stand out versus others. A Scorpio symbol on the fifth reel will activate the Fiery Breath feature, which can change the symbols below it into a random symbol above it. The Sub Zero symbol also lives on the fifth reel. This symbol will trigger the Ice Clone that randomly replaces certain symbols with wild symbols. Finally, the Reptile will turn on Teleportation, which also replaces random symbols with wilds.

Although most of the powerful symbols are limited, there is great opportunity to earn free spins. The payouts are near the top end of esports casino games, which corresponds to a decent RTP.

Deadly Combat Lootbet slot

Lara Croft

Inspired by: Tomb Raider
RTP: 96.05%
Play it at: Betway and GG.BET

Lara Croft is one of the more generous games for players with 96.05 percent of all money put into the machine by the player being won by the player over time. What keeps the RTP high for players is the ease of winning on this machine. There 243 winning combinations among the five reels and dozen or so symbols available on each reel, and those winnings are multiplied with the help of the Rolling Reels feature.

Rolling Reels activates on every win on this slot and gives players an opportunity to multiply their winnings. This feature removes the winning combination from the wheel and everything above those values shifts down, paying out any winners before repeating the process again until there are no winners. Every consecutive win earns more bonus money for the player as the Rolling Reels goes through its process.

Lara Croft Esports Casino Slot

Loot Luck

Inspired by: PUBG
RTP: Unknown
Play it at:

In true Battle Royale fashion, Loot Luck features Wild symbol re-spins each time it appears on the screen. On every re-spin your wild will drop down 1 line and re-spins continue until its gone from your screen. There is a catch however. As every wild re-spin happens, another one has a tendency to third party your board and continue onward until the proverbial “Chicken Dinner” is yours.

If you enjoy playing for plenty of free-spins, Loot Luck should be your go to option as well.

Loot Luck casino game

One Shot Multiplayer

Inspired by: CS:GO
Easy RTP: 96.28%
Medium RTP: 96.49%
Hard RTP: 96.25%
Play it at: Betway

One shot is the only esports casino game that is not an updated version of virtual slot machines. What makes One Shot unique is the active control the player has in the game. The player will shoot one of four targets to reveal a character. The round is considered a win if the character is a villain.

There are up to nine rounds in each “spin” for this game. The more villains you shoot, the more money you win. There are three difficulty levels, and each of the three levels of RTP rates above 96 percent with medium being most profitable at 96.49 percent. Easy ranks second at 96.28 percent, slightly above hard at 96.25 percent. The harder the difficulty level, the more the multiplier will pay out on your original wager. Betway always hosts the most creative CSGO themed games on top of being one of premier esports betting sites. For all the details about their bonuses and special offers, head over to our Betway review to also find the best betting bonuses.

One Shot Multiplier Casino Slots CSGO

Secret Shop

Inspired by: Dota 2
RTP: 95.19%
Play it at:
Be it in Dota or Slots, the Secret Shop is always a good idea. The key feature of this game is the 6th wheel that can be activated at any time. Once activated you earn payouts both left to right and right to left, and 6-of-a-kind combination lines become available. Some insane payouts are available once all 6 reels are active, and the side to side bonus makes for interesting double payouts.

With 5 lines in total multiplied by the 6th real both ways, you are hunting for a payout here. We do advise playing this slot only if you activate the 6th wheel, since when inactive all payouts are paid only left to right.


Super Watch

Inspired by: Overwatch
RTP: Unknown
Play it at:

Featuring 30 pay lines and massive wild symbols, Super Wild is an appealing game for anyone seeking to earn plenty of bonus spins as they play. Each time a Wild or Bonus appears on the grid you are awarded free spins. You usually get plenty of them as you pull along, and they can chain together for what feels like eternity. Each of the Overwatch inspired characters as well as the rank icons feature different payouts, with the wilds serving as multipliers. The music is a tad dull, but for the amount of free spins you earn you can just mute it and let it rip.

We do feature plenty of esports related casino games courtsey of a single provider. Before heading over there, we always do our diligence and offer a full review covering all functions and functionalities you can enjoy at the site.


Terror Strike

Inspired by: CS:GO
RTP: 95.43%
Play it at:

The final CSGO themed game on our list has only 10 lines, but features both Wild and Scatter in a single slot machine. The main box here is the “Terrorist” and for each 3 you match on your board, you earn 10 free spins. For every two you get you get a re-spin that may earn you the 3rd, and so on. Terrorists also serve as replacement for any symbol on the board.

In total, we have earned 30 free spins in a single rotation with the Terrorists each recycling themselves into more free spins.

Terror Strike Lootbet Slot

Treasure Craft

Inspired by: Warcraft 3
RTP: Unknown
Play it at:

Most of the esports casino games that are based on slots normally have between 20-25 winning patterns. However, Treasure Craft offers 40 different winning patterns, which unfortunately means there are smaller payouts on the minor prizes. Another reason for the smaller payouts are the nine symbols that can be combined to earn payouts in one of the 40 winning patterns, which leads to a very high RTP on this game.

The easiest way to win might be to spin a Moving Wild, which can increase your payout. These symbols only appear in the middle three reels, but they can cover the entire reel. With nine different symbols to choose from, there’s a higher probability that each wild will lead to a payout on your spin.

treasure craft lootbet slot

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